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Chatbots to boost services of MSMEs

Photo Credit: Bandung Institute of Technology

The use of chatbots in the business world is gaining popularity both locally and internationally. However, it cannot be denied that the costs required to maintain it are not cheap and the activation of the system is not easy.

This is an issue that two students from the Bandung Institute of Technology, in Indonesia, decided to address.

According to a recent press release, Chatbiz.id is a robot chat activation application developed as a solution for MSMEs in Indonesia, which can be used through a line application.

Ease of use

The aim of the project is to provide MSMEs with a platform that will make it easier for them to obtain a customer service chatbot within 5 minutes.

Having an automatic admin, through the chatbot facility, will assist the businesses in promoting their product catalogues as well as respond to messages from customers.

The process is very simple. All they need to do is input data in the form of pictures, item descriptions and the corresponding item prices.


The application is beneficial for MSMEs because it can minimise the operational costs of employee administrators by up to 80%.

When compared to the expense of having administrative employees, who can cost US$ 140 – US$ 281 (IDR 2 million to IDR 4 million) per month, chatbots are definitely more affordable.

Plus, chatbots are able to provide instant service.

There are currently 3 MSMEs engaged with the chatbot start-up. It was mid-2018 when the start-up was initially established and had received pre-seed investment.

The start-up hopes to expand and help more MSMEs and companies that are currently leading the country towards Industry 4.0.

National health data

In other news, members of the Community Service Team of the Department of Community Medicine, Faculty of Medicine at the University of Indonesia (UI) developed a website that presents Indonesia’s national health data in the form of interactive data visualisation.

This website addresses the difficulties in looking for health data in Indonesia that could aid in decision-making.

Going to the website, users can access a wealth of information on health data that suits their needs and will help them in making informed decisions

All the data pertain to Indonesia and are divided into provinces. They are displayed in the website in the form of graphs or maps.

Data displayed will include Nutritional Status, Infectious Diseases, Non-Communicable Diseases, Number of Smokers Every day, and Maternal Health, among others.

Data was obtained from trusted institutions such as the Health Research and Development Agency, the Ministry of Health, and the Central Statistics Agency.

Purpose of the website

According to one of the developers, the aim of the website is to make evidence of health research available for use by the community.

Before this, results of researches remained stored in computers or cabinets but not shared with the people.

Because of this, there is a disconnected communication between the researcher and the beneficiary.

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