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Cybersecurity Mentorship for High School Students


Researchers from the University of Melbourne will partner with Camberwell High School in order to provide mentoring for students in cybersecurity through the Melbourne Pathways in Technology (P-TECH) initiative.

P-TECH is a global education model that offers students all over the world the opportunity to develop skills and competencies that will translate directly to competitive careers.

The Initiative

  • According to a recent press release, the University’s Academic Centre of Cyber Security Excellence (ACCSE), led by a Professor from the Melbourne School of Engineering, will bring together expertise from the faculties of engineering, law and arts to offer a range of outreach activities to provide Australia cybersecurity mentorship for high school students.
  • The partnership was launched at Camberwell High School by Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg.
  • It is becoming increasingly important to upskill secondary students in cybersecurity in a highly connected and fast-moving world.
  • Cybersecurity is one of the biggest challenges facing society and there is a need to ensure that more steps are taken to safeguard data.
  • The Dean of the Melbourne School of Engineering explained that computing skills are widely needed across most professional sectors in 2019.
  • Therefore, it makes sense to teach the next generation about the importance of cyber security.
  • The Melbourne School of Engineering is delighted to partner with the Australian Federal Government and Camberwell High School on this important initiative to help nurture the workforce of the future.

Showcasing IT and Engineering Works

In other news, the Melbourne School of Engineering students will showcase their diverse and impressive creations, the culmination of a year’s work, in an exhibition showcase called Endeavour.

More than 100 projects conceptualized, designed and built this year by engineering and IT masters students at the University of Melbourne will be shown.

Some of these are:

  1. A smart sensor cane using vibration to guide people with visual impairment
  2. A credit-card sized device to save lives and improve CPR technique
  3. Inexpensive solutions for heating and cooling in developing countries

The exhibition includes projects from biomedical, electrical, civil, software and mechanical engineering. These highlight real-world impact of teaching and learning at the University.

Throughout the year, the students work in collaboration with government and industry on these projects to solve real-world challenges.

The Dean of the Melbourne School of Engineering (MSE) shared that it is exciting to see the breadth of innovation within MSE.

The students have conceptualised some truly futuristic projects throughout the year. They are looking forward to seeing how their determination will address global challenges into the future.

Engineering and IT at the University has a proud legacy of delivering life-changing creations such as the Cochlear implant, which eliminates preventable deafness, and an easy global banking solution founded by MSE alumni.

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