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Accelerating Digital Transformation and Innovation: Helping Government in Post-pandemic Recovery and Resilience

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OpenGov Asia is pleased to invite you to an exclusive OpenGov Public Sector Innovation Day aimed at imparting knowledge on how public sector agencies can accelerate digital transformation and innovation to emerge stronger postpandemic.

Accelerating digital transformation and innovation: Helping government in post-pandemic recovery and resilience

There are moments in time that shape generations – the generation who harnessed electricity; the generation who saw humans walk on the Moon; the generation who switched on the internet. Moments driven by science. 

                                                                                                                                       Dr Larry Marshall, CEO, CSIRO 

COVID-19 has brought about seismic changes in our world. From the Australian bushfires to the volcanic eruption in the Philippines, we saw it all. 

This is our moment, the moment that would usher in a new era of governance and ever-lasting change. And what is better than technology, our handmaiden, our trusted ally to bring about that change. 

We’re at a moment in time where we are witnessing the transformations that felt undoable previously. We saw 2 years of digital transformation in 2 months. 

In responding to this crisis, governments have been struggling to minimise associated negative impacts and ensure the continued delivery of critical national infrastructure. The COVID-19 crisis has drawn attention to the tools and technologies that governments need to have to protect their citizens and enterprises.  

The Singapore government is looking to fuel the adoption of digital technologies and help businesses recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.  

At the same time, the public sector’s ICT deployment endeavours the development of new digital tools to respond to COVID-19 as well as digital services that support citizens and businesses. The government’s ICT expenditure is facilitating the development of systems running on the cloud and the use of data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and sensors within its sector. It also would be looking to drive the modernisation of government ICT infrastructure. 

Public sector agencies require a multifaceted approach, including the ability to quickly integrate new data, make accurate, multilevel forecasts, and provide data-driven insights for policymakers. 

Now, that the road to recovery has begun, does the public sector has what they need to respond effectively, recover quicklyrebound efficiently, and reimagine the future which is critical to national interests? 

Technology can be a boon if governments and enterprises prepare and adapt. The pandemic has pushed governments to an inflection point where embracing technology is no longer an option but a necessity. With the right investments in digital technologies, the public sector can take the crisis as an opportunity to build for the future. 

Harnessing advanced analytics to emerge stronger post COVID-19

Governments are at the heart of the response to COVID-19. The pandemic’s nature necessitates action on multiple fronts, not just public health measures to prevent the spread of the virus but also efforts to cushion the economic effects on households and firms.  

Public sector agencies struggle to unlock the value of their data due to outdated legacy systems and limited analytics capabilities – being data-rich but insight poor. And they often grapple with the associated, yet unnecessary, challenges of big data – high costs, poor data quality, and inconsistent data sources and formats – without experiencing any of the enticing benefits.  

We have many lessons to draw from the events of COVID-19 but perhaps one of the most critical is the importance of being able to use data to prepare for potential scenarios and inform our decision making.

As the world prepares for ‘the new normal’ post-pandemic, and all the economic, social, and political question marks that loom above it, many are looking to the tools of data science to continue to help us inform our trajectory. Advanced data science, and the technology it powers, is rapidly becoming an essential component of nearly every industry in both the public and private sectors. 

Digital Government must go beyond digitising processes and offering government services online. These are essential digital plumbing to raise productivity and bring convenience to citizens. But much more needs to be done to fully harness the gamechanging potential of digital technologies—to bring data and AI into the heart of government.

Who Should Attend

Meet Our Distinguished Speakers

Dr Adam Chee
Chief – Smart Health Leadership Centre, Institute of System Science
National University of Singapore

Terence Ng
Director – Policy & Technology Innovation Office
Health Promotion Board

Dr David Hardoon
Senior Advisor - Data and Artificial Intelligence
UnionBank Philippines

Deepak Ramanathan
Vice President - Global Customer Advisory

Christopher Tan
Partner Revenue Acceleration Director – APJ

Lim Chinn Hwa
Senior Director (Smart Nation Platform Solutions)
Government Technology Agency (GovTech)

Jason Loh
Head of Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, Asia Pacific, Global Tech Practice

Mohit Sagar
Group Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief
OpenGov Asia

Sutowo Wong
Director, Analytics & Information Management Division
Ministry of Health

Remco den Heijer
Vice President - ASEAN

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Mohit Sagar
Group Managing Director & Editor-In-Chief
OpenGov Asia

Mohit is the Group Managing Director at CIO Network, a content sharing platform that connects governments with an added focus on Education and Healthcare. He spearheads and drives all strategies and operations in Singapore, UK and Australia offices. He created the round table format within the event industry that received the Award for the Best C-level conference in Asia which is now becoming the industry norm. In a career spanning 20 years, he has held a number of senior roles in the conference & media industry in the US, UK, Middle East and Asia.

Ravi Bedi
Head & Practice Lead, AI-Led NEXT Solutions
NCS Group

Throughout his career, RAVI BEDI has sought to bridge the knowledge gap between man and machine. Known for his reliability, inquisitive mind, high EQ, and penchant for innovation, he brings a sense of urgency and a big-picture perspective to the digital automation imperative and the design of AI-based solutions. He embraces a forward-thinking approach in expanding the frontiers of innovation and driving thought leadership in identifying applications and solutions around AI techniques.

Laser-focused on capturing a competitive position for the organization, Ravi understands the endgame of AI-driven business value. His core competencies include providing the structural framework for Intelligent Automation As A Service and creating a “Digital Twin Workforce” (RPA) at SCALE. Ravi is a PRACTITIONER, since he implements the solutions and services, he designs by advancing unique process execution models, and architecting intelligent solutions and applications that can Sense, Comprehend, Act, and Learn.


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As an Analytics leader, we’ve been applying analytics to the toughest business problems for decades. Infusing learning and automation throughout our solution portfolio, and providing mechanisms for digital guardianship, we’re empowering everyone to innovate with analytics – from business users and data scientists, to students and educators.

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