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Embracing Disruption and Innovation – Are you a Future-Ready Bank?

A Platform For Collaboration

OpenGov Asia is pleased to invite you to our exclusive and highly timely Virtual Breakfast Insight aimed at imparting knowledge on how innovative financial institutions can embrace and implement the cutting edge tools and efficiency-creating technologies that will help them serve their customers, empower their employees, cultivate an internal culture of change and thrive in today’s increasingly competitive landscape.

Recognising the growth opportunities stemming from digital technologies to initiate new platforms, new value propositions and intelligent business models

“Banks are dinosaurs … we can bypass them,” Do you still remember this quote from Bill Gates? Does it still strike the same emotion that it did back in 1994?

Right from the PC era that was the first of many technology disruptions, to the client-server, “dot.com” and mobility eras , predictions abounded that the banking industry was toast.

Although banks have been disrupted and have blown a few things competitively, this has not pulverised the financial revenue akin to what Apple and Spotify did to the music industry. But business models will keep evolving. Post-COVID-19 scenarios are prime examples.

Digital technology is changing the way banks and financial institutions operate and how they deliver services to their customers. There is therefore a need for legacy banks and financial institutions to embrace change or risk becoming irrelevant.

What are the strategies to remain ahead of the curve and sustain a competitive edge?

The ability of financial services providers to identify, develop and strengthen the usage of right technologies will determine who would ultimately gain the much-coveted competitive edge.

How are challengers shaping the new banking order and what can the banking industry do to respond to the threat of disruption?

Digital banking is reshaping traditional financial services, making them faster, easier, cheaper, and more accessible. Trends in digital transformation and changes in customer expectations have led banks to rethink their businesses to remain relevant.

While conventional banks offer the same services as digital banks, some key differentiators between the two make one more attractive than the other.

  • Financial Technology empowers consumers to take responsibility of their financial decisions. It combines traditional financial services with the latest technologyand Big Data products, making life easier for customers
  • Traditional banks have a few advantages that could protect them from the digital revolution: branch coverage, customer loyalty and government regulation. But these advantages are slowly eroding.

As organisations re-evaluate customer needs and daily operations during a pandemic, one subject comes to the forefront: the digital imperative. The survival of banks depends on making smart technology choices, not just in the apps, sites, bots, and channels they offer customers, but in the way they handle data and their workforce.

How can banks embrace innovation and become future-ready? How can banks partner with new players and build new ecosystems to deliver their digital proposition?

Collaboration to compete and innovate is the way forward. Collaboration and partnerships is increasingly the answer to address the pressure that traditional banks are under to digitalise their business model in order to improve customer experience and address competition from disruptors and challengers.

Through a collaborative approach and partnerships in the ecosystem, financial institutions have the opportunity to capture new revenue streams, grow their customer base and advance digital innovation. The question is who are the right partners? In what areas should the banks seek partners?

OpenGov Asia cordially invites you to our exclusive and timely OpenGovLive! Virtual Breakfast Insight aimed at  discussing these pertinent questions , imparting knowledge on how innovative financial institutions can embrace and implement the cutting edge tools and efficiency-creating technologies that will help them better serve their customers, empower their employees, cultivate an internal culture of change and thrive in today’s increasingly digital landscape.

Who Should Attend

Meet Our Distinguished Speakers

Vijay Manoharan
Chief Executive Officer
CIMB Bank Philippines Inc.

George Lee
Strategy and Business Development Director
OneConnect Financial Technology

Yao Jing
Head of Strategy and Business Development
OneConnect Financial Technology

Mohit Sagar
Group Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief
OpenGov Asia

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Very interesting discussion I learnt a lot on Chinese client culture, very helpful to see others ideas

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What a great session and well-organised! It did not feel like a virtual connection and yet it was beyond just an engagement

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What a great and well-organised event!

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