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ES 2030

A Platform For Collaboration How Do You Thrive In Them?

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Summit: Ecosystems 2030

The most transformational event of the year

About The Event

Ecosystems 2030 is the premier interdisciplinary forum for top executives, thought leaders and futurists to discuss the ecosystems emerging over the next 10 years from technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Systems, Fintech, 3-D Printing, Robotics and Virtual/Augmented Reality. In our first chapter of 10 conferences to be held across the next decade, we will focus on the upcoming opportunities and challenges these technologies present and offer important insights on how to transform your organization and remain relevant in the next decade.
Part of the answer is to look for solutions in emerging technology. Technologies, such as Robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, Cloud Computing and Augmented Reality (AR), are starting to reshape how we live, work and play. This will affect how people and goods move in future.

Serving mission-critical citizen-centric services

In the current volatile environment, the success of any government–run operation is dependent on the strength of its IT infrastructure. With the majority of businesses closed, the government has a mission, to keep serving its citizens in the best possible manner.
Cloud–based services take prominence as analysis of big data relating to citizens’ movement, disease transmission patterns, and health monitoring could be used to aid prevention measures.
In these trying circumstances, data protection, data mobility, and data agility are the key factors while ensuring its availability across any application or cloud infrastructure.


Wednesday – Friday 3-5 June, 2020


Palacio de Congresos Paseo del Violón, 18006 Granada, Spain


Top-level executives Industry / Academia / Government

“the only conference forecasting future ecosystems and exploring the challenges and opportunities of the next decade”

Why Attend The Summit

shaping the future

A defining element of the Summit is the prospect for all involved to engage in a live discussion and debate around future technology challenges, opportunities and resulting new economies led by world-class experts and facilitators during our intimate Breakout Sessions program. Invaluable insights from our diverse audience will be published in a ground-breaking Ecosystems 2030 report that aims to influence the thinking of top decision-makers and shape the future for the better.

new ideas

The vibrant, authentic and genuinely unconventional narrative cultivated at the Summit will create new intersections of disciplines, markets and technology spaces, and encourage industry leaders, subject-matter experts, and brave minds to step out of their comfort zones, challenge themselves and envision novel approaches to reshape the status quo.

evocative wonders

Enjoy a private tour of the surrounding villages of Granada to explore local artisan products and indulge in the brilliant landscapes of Southern Spain. Experience an unforgettable evening of celebration at the majestic Alhambra Palace, one of the most evocative historical wonders of the world, reserved exclusively for Ecosystems 2030 participants.

best & brightest

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to connect with the elite in an intimate setting. Ecosystems 2030 is an executive event with only the best and brightest top-level industry, academic and government players in attendance. Form new partnerships, strategise and break industry boundaries with a diverse gathering of the greatest minds across the globe.

safe space

Engage in fearless debate and share your ideas with absolute confidence. At Ecosystems 2030, we celebrate all things creative, unconventional and out-of-the-box. We encourage passionate, productive debate and opposing views. After all, diversity of thought and opinion is the essence of co-creation and innovation.

community roadmap

Be an integral part of the Ecosystems community. Ecosystems 2030 is the first step in our roadmap to build a loyal community of the best and brightest. We are working to create a perfect space where Ecosystems participants can leverage on each others’ diverse perspectives and strengths to address future challenges and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

Who Should Attend

Meet Our Distinguished Speakers

Ecosystems 2030 is an intimate gathering of global front-line doers and thought-leaders who engage with a curated audience to challenge thinking, pragmatically explore disruptive technology, and push the boundaries of innovation.

umran beba
svp, chief diversity and engagement officer at pepsico

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meng chee
digital chief experience officer at jp morgan chase & co

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jamie casap
chief education evangelist at google

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nabil malouli
vp global ecommerce at dhl

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sandrine gadol
chief innovation officer at l’oreal

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alberto prado
vp, head of phillips healthworks

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paolo nespoli

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jennifer stumm
director & founder of ilumina festival, world-renowned violist

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charlie wen
co-founder of marvel studios, co-founder & ceo of tensky entertainment

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