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Exploring the Foundations of Citizen-Centric Experience

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OpenGov Asia is pleased to invite you to an exclusive OpenGov Breakfast Insight that will provide the latest information on upgrading IAM at scale for every use case to meet today’s government needs. This is a closed-door, invitation-only, interactive session with top public sector and financial leaders from Singapore. 

Increasing digital trust and providing a good user experience in government services to promote public satisfaction.

Governments across Asia are being pushed to offer more citizen services online with wider access – anytime, anywhere on any device. Agencies now have had to modernise their digital presence and critical operations to provide better experiences and services to meet citizen and worker demands. 

As they look to enable digital access to services and facilitate a remote workforce, governments must cope with legacy systems, siloed information and duplication across various organisations.  

The increased online presence has widened the attack surface, leaving agencies confronted by several problems including increased cybercrime. Further up-gradation, strict compliance rules and limited technological skills have resulted in increased costs. 

To manage the host of issues, all-in-one and long-term technology must be implemented to allow for simple setup and migration from the present structure to a smooth interoperable system across agencies. 

Identity and access management (IAM) and identity governance and administration (IGA) enable individuals and employees to gain secure access at any time. Governments may innovate and increase functionality in their existing infrastructure and expand it. 

These digital experiences will not compromise privacy security while allowing people to access modern identification to serve every part of the public sector, including Citizen Identity, National Identity Proofing and Verification, IoT and Smart Cities, Workforce and Public Healthcare Systems and Education. 

AI and ML can help to improve governance 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can help with identity governance to minimise risk, expenses, and labour throughout the organisation. 

Deliver Trusted Citizen Experiences on a Large Scale 

Countries in the Asia Pacific are rapidly advancing their digital citizen access initiatives to enhance government services by modernising, integrating, and simplifying their legacy infrastructure at scale to fulfil the following goals: 

  • A secure web/mobile digital experience for millions of citizens 
  • Use of the same unique identification to access multiple public portals 
  • Adhere to the ever-changing regulations 
  • To embrace digital trust and a hassle-free citizen experience 


For Smart Cities, all citizen services must link smoothly and controllably. 

Governments require a trusted digital service to provide a unified platform for employees and people to access services, benefits and license renewals, fine payments, tax filings, and passport applications. 

Governments continue to rely on time-consuming and labour-intensive systems and procedures that are incapable of assuring safe integration and agility 

While operating with limited resources, public healthcare and education institutions must deal with the quick pace of threats. This is where the public sector’s digital transformation takes place to improve services such as health records, new patient enrolment, and student enrolment. 

Governments may now minimise cost structure, mistakes, and friction in their transactional operations using digital transformation solutions, making the government more streamlined and trusted. 

OpenGov Breakfast Insights are concise, to-the-point, strategic-level discussions designed to bring learning to the highest level! The unique proposition of an OpenGov Asia Breakfast Insight is the integration of cutting-edge insights from our expert speakers and interactive discussion among the participants.  

This unique session will highlight the latest insights and case studies on modernising digital identity to enable great digital experiences in the Public Sector by: 

Who Should Attend

Meet Our Distinguished Speakers

Leong Ching Fun
Director (Corporate Information Systems)
Housing & Development Board (HDB)

Johan Fantenberg
Principal Solutions Architect - APJ

Mohit Sagar
Chief Executive Officer and Editor-in-Chief
OpenGov Asia

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Mohit Sagar
Group Managing Director & Editor-In-Chief
OpenGov Asia

Mohit is the Group Managing Director at CIO Network, a content sharing platform that connects governments with an added focus on Education and Healthcare. He spearheads and drives all strategies and operations in Singapore, UK and Australia offices. He created the round table format within the event industry that received the Award for the Best C-level conference in Asia which is now becoming the industry norm. In a career spanning 20 years, he has held a number of senior roles in the conference & media industry in the US, UK, Middle East and Asia.


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