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Intelligence-Driven Modern SOC: A Future-ready Outfit

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OpenGov Asia is pleased to invite you to our exclusive OpenGovLive! Virtual Insight aimed at imparting knowledge on how the SOC team is always powered on and prepared to outsmart, withstand, and remediate against cyberthreats.

Transforming your Security Operations Centre from an “incident-driven” to an “intelligence-driven” modern enterprise
Several nations in Asia are in the midst of digital transformation, pushing their envelope for new infrastructure and technology advancements to boost the economic capabilities. Alongside these positive developments, some are facing both great opportunities as well as significant cyber threats with the development of the digital technology and internet.

Indonesia’s digital space is greatly different from that of the word’s digital giants. Indonesia has one of the largest growths and number in internet users in the world, carrying the data of millions of residents accessing online services across multiple devices.

Cyberattacks often target government networks to gain access to sensitive personal information of citizens and employees, as well as proprietary software, strategic plans and other information. The challenge for any agency is to identify threats and vulnerabilities, invest in risk mitigation and continually assess and improve cybersecurity efforts.

In fact, according to latest data reported from the National Cyber and Encryption Agency (BSSN), Indonesia experienced 12.9 million cyber-attacks mainly from malware, as well as from phishing and distributed denial of service in 2018. The country’s 175 million internet users attract complex and sophisticated cyberattacks to gain unauthorised access to citizen’s data.

The attacks from malicious actors are not ceasing, which means the public sector must put cybersecurity as a priority in 2020 and beyond. But, what, specifically, should the public sector be doing to proactively protect themselves?
Leveraging actionable threat intelligence
Security Operation Centre (SOC) must be designed to embrace adaptive security features to become context-aware and intelligence-driven.
With the incorporation of threat intelligence which encompasses strategic, tactical, operational and technical use cases, it enables an effective and proactive strategy to detect and respond to advanced threats and targeted attacks including the abilities to predict cybersecurity threats or risks.
An intelligence-driven SOC will then be used to adapt and improve every aspect of security operations and management.
The question is – Does your SOC comprise of an organised team of security analysts and engineers. Can they detect, analyse, and respond to incidents, always working in lockstep with business managers to execute on the security strategy? Awesome!
We hope it’s not a few analysts who spend their days reactively responding to security issues with a variety of point tools at their fingertips?
Establishing SOC as a centre of excellence
Cyber threat intelligence has to be a key differentiator in your organisation’s cybersecurity strategy.

The current set of issues is that every organisation which has a SOC would be receiving some kind of threat intelligence either as a standard threat feed to the SIEM. But this does not in any way look at all the threat intelligence requirements of the organisation such as operational, tactical & strategic threat intelligence.

Since the current state of threat intelligence is not entirely understood, organisation tend to ignore the value of threat intelligence, especially of tailored threat intelligence specific to an organisation IT environment.
Thus, it is of great importance that organisations start leveraging threat intelligence in a far more robust manner to be able to PREDICT the next level of attacks, including Dark Web Monitoring & reporting capabilities.
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Who Should Attend

We will be discussing:

  • Best approaches in threat hunting to proactively search for threats being undetected by traditional security
    systems like firewalls, IPS/IDS, SIEM, etc.
  • Establishing an incident response framework implemented to limit damage and reduce remediation costs
  • Learn the key aspects and building blocks of a modern and successful Security Operations Centre
  • Leverage technology to make the security more robust and cyber defences more powerful
  • Empower the modern SOC to efficiently and effectively detect and remediate threats
  • Execute the vulnerability management life cycle in line with the local and regional guidelines
  • Focus on timely detection of IT security incidents through correlating, analysing and threat hunting
  • Identify critical security operations metrics and implementing necessary improvements

Meet Our Distinguished Speakers

Ts. Dr. Aswami Fadillah Mohd Ariffin
Senior Vice President, Cyber Security Responsive Services Division
CyberSecurity Malaysia

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Genie Gan
Head of Public Affairs & Government Relations APAC

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Leonard Sim
Head of Presales, APAC

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Mohit Sagar
Group Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief
OpenGov Asia

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