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Powering Simple, Seamless, and Scalable Digital Adoption Strategy: Unlocking the Secrets of Successful Digital Transformation

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OpenGov Asia is pleased to invite you to our exclusive OpenGov Breakfast Insight aimed at imparting knowledge on how to realise the full value of your technology investments for better outcomes. 

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Ang Lee Yen
Asia Sales Leader

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CEO & Editor-in-Chief
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Boosting productivity, unlocking efficiencies, and increasing the effectiveness of digital transformation initiatives through leveraging digital adoption

In today’s rapidly evolving world, resilience and adaptability are keys to organisational success. We are witnessing unprecedented changes and going through the largest digital transformation in history.  

Over the past two years, global events have accelerated the need to modernise, innovate and transform our digital adoption initiatives. 

The pandemic raised the bar for more agile, collaborative structures that speed up the time-to-value – pushing organisations to reimagine services with greater creativity and ingenuity. 

Despite the challenges that organisations face with the continuing geopolitical tensions, uncertainties in the economy, and employee turnover, many are relying on digital technology to help them remain agile and resilient to future disruptions.  

Even so, 67% of organisations feel pressured to speed up their digital transformation efforts, while 55% say their employees lack the skills needed for success.

Technology makes businesses more adaptable, productive, and resilient. Getting employees to use technologies to drive ROI is hard, which costs companies up to $21 million a year. Hence, it is imperative to have the right digital adoption strategy to help your business grow and thrive.

Digital Workplace: Accelerating and Maximising the Impact of Your Digital Transformation Strategy  

The value of digital transformation can only be achieved with successful adoption. Imagine if every digital transformation delivered all of your desired outcomes and business benefits – the good news is, it can. 

Building innovation, adaptability, and resilience into a digital business will not only optimise business value from technology investments but will also help to future-proof business.

A successful digital adoption strategy helps organisations maximise their technology investments while ensuring users can take full advantage of their digital assets, including existing and new.  

For a digital adoption strategy to be successful, it needs to include user onboarding, change management programs, and training. 

Organisations continue to invest in technology to answer specific business outcomes. However, instead of technology helping us overcome challenges – technology has become the challenge itself.

This point to various questions on how to realise the full value of technology investments for better outcomes. 

By helping to integrate new digital systems, processes, and tools into daily operations, a digital adoption strategy helps organisations: 

  • Increase operational efficiency – Empowering employees to fully use their software capabilities reduces time spent on dealing with support tickets, navigating irrelevant application features, and learning about new programs.  
  • Reduce costs – A successful digital adoption strategy helps organisations create custom in-app navigation and guidance, saving money and time on things like training, support, and employee onboarding. 
  • Streamline processes – Enabling users to quickly navigate through applications while providing them with the content they need to complete tasks effectively helps optimise workflows. 


OpenGov is pleased to invite you to our exclusive Breakfast Insight aimed at imparting knowledge on how to realise the full value of your technology investments for better outcomes. 

This session serves as a great peer-to-peer learning platform to gain insights and practical solutions to empower organisations to gain a competitive advantage through digital adoption and transform employee experience whilst increasing collaboration, efficiencies, and productivity. 

We will be discussing:

  • Driving user adoption of your digital assets to create an empowered digital workforce 
  • Delivering seamless digital experiences and gaining full visibility into user journeys 
  • Fulfilling strategic business goals to realise the full value of your technology investments 
  • Understanding how digital adoption strategy will create better, more engaging employee and customer experiences 
  • Designing strategies for driving organisational change outcomes and digital adoption 
  • Exploring and sharing real case studies on how leading organisations are leveraging digital adoption to create more diverse and innovative ways to boost technology ROI and achieve their business goals 
  • Gaining insights on why a Digital Adoption Platform needs to be at the forefront of your Digital Transformation journey and how it can create a continuous training ecosystem with contextual assistance 

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