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Trying to be a Resilient Organisation – Ongoing Journey Towards Cyber Protection

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OpenGov is pleased to invite you to an exclusive Breakfast Insight that will look at how you can profit from your DX journey today as you brace yourselves for the challenges beyond.


In the modern age of rapidly advancing technology, regardless of business types or sizes, every enterprise grows exponentially with the amount of data they collect. Top priority then becomes the protection of sensitive information about their internal systems and operations, clients, and many more. However, with ever evolving cyber threats and sophisticated hacking software, this protection has become an increasingly challenging task.
Many, therefore, believed that a modern Security Operations Centre (SOC) in enterprises requires major transformation such as, legacy systems and infrastructures, or even facilities that look like NASA’s Mission Control Centre, styled with countless screens and super computers, staffed with dozens of programmers ready to fight back.
In cyber security, the reality is a credible incident detection and response capability that can start small but with clear and concise strategy.
This strategy outlines the security landscapes, goals, and priorities towards cyber resilience, which must be clarified to better achieve cyber security with minimised costs.
The question is, how SECURED are you?

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Who Should Attend

OpenGov invites you to be part of a realistic gamification scenario of a cyber threats that will focus on building blocks of modern SOC and SIEM, and way to leverage them based on different needs and types of business in a more efficient and productive way.
This gamification simulations will equip you with practical but solid cybersecurity management skills, eye-opening and jaw-dropping insight into how an evolved SOC can turn data into insight and compress mean time to detection to find threats before they cause damage.
OpenGov makes a concerted effort to provide participants with ample opportunities to plan and develop strategies in the broad area of cybersecurity threat intelligence and risk prevention.
This exclusive tech day will discuss:



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Group Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief OpenGov Asia

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Executive Vice President, APAC Westcon-Comstor

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Alan Sim
Technical Consultant Westcon-Comstor

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