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Strengthening Operational Reliability and Agility – Always on, Always Ready Organisation

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OpenGov Asia is pleased to invite you to an exclusive OpenGovLive! Virtual Breakfast Insight aimed at imparting knowledge on how to increase IT services uptime, mitigate IT issues faster with minimum resource overhead, and how to minimise the impact on the business by reducing unplanned IT work.

Spearheading practical, scalable, and actionable strategies on automating incident management, and unifying fragmented IT operations

COVID -19 has been the biggest game-changer in our generation. Governments and enterprises are focusing on leveraging technology and digital to recover and thrive in the new normal.

With lockdown clamped across the world, these organisations experienced difficulties with online connectivity and communicating with their employees, citizens, suppliers, and customers, in addition to issues with infrastructure.

In a matter of weeks, organisations had to respond to dramatic changes. Adapting to new remote working demands with creaking connectivity issues, they had to brave it all.

What did not change however was – Citizens and Customer expectations. With everyone moving online, the demand for scalable, optimised, and unified digital services have grown exponentially. Customers and citizens still expect a seamless digital experience, every time.

This points to the question – Is your organisation ready to serve the citizens and customers seamlessly?

Despite continued advances with technology in today’s digital world, information remains our most valuable commodity. To an organisation, the speed at which this information is delivered, recognised, and analysed is critical to their success in effectively mitigating the impact of any critical event and more specifically an IT incident.

To continue to deliver innovative and uninterrupted services that citizens and customers have come to expect, it requires robust critical communication and IT Alerting method. This would enable the IT leaders to alert and communicate with key members of their teams, as well as citizens and consumers when provisioning or other IT incident response issues taking place.

Keeping these requirements in mind:

  • Do you have an optimised IT alerting system?
  • Do your IT incidents being resolved fast enough?
  • Is your organisation geared to improve performance and take your IT communications to the next level?
  • Does your organisation has the strategic advantage of well-tuned SLAs?
Minimise Business Downtime and Accelerate Incident Resolution by Automating Communications, Collaboration, and Orchestration

Challenges have increased as unplanned data outages and other IT incidents emerge due to human error or a failure to follow set processes, causing downtime and rise of cost.

A data-led resilience program does not only help them in collecting, monitoring, and tracking the data, but also improving the IT system uptime, thus minimising human error and downtime.

During critical situations, a data-led resilience system allows the public and private sector to receive an immediate alert if an incident is about to occur. This enables them to respond to the emerging incident coherently and effectively with automatic multi-channel alerts and error-free communications.

Situations could change—for the better or worse—and so could the responses. A data-led resilience program helps governments and stakeholders to think and act fast, especially in worse scenarios. This program is necessary to execute remediation plans immediately, coherently, and effectively.

With this in mind, governments and stakeholders can easily build planning in the long term and respond to future challenges without worrying about who should respond to what with whom.

Who Should Attend

Meet Our Distinguished Speakers

Himanshu Shrivastava
Managing Director, Head of Digital Technology – APAC & EMEA, Global Consumer Technology

Graeme Orsborn
Vice President - International CEM Business Unit

Mohit Sagar
Group Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief
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