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The Advanced Roadmap for a Successful Digital Transformation Journey

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OpenGov is pleased to invite you to our exclusive event aimed at imparting knowledge on how organisations can make better use of the transformative power of strategising data management and digital infrastructure to boost the digital economy and digital transformation.

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Eka Putuasduki
IT Expert on Architecture and Planning, Centre of Data and Information Systems
Ministry of Trade

Fetra Syahbana
Country Manager
Nutanix Indonesia

Arief Pribadi
Technical Director
Nutanix Indonesia

Mohit Sagar Technologies to cope with new demands

Mohit Sagar
CEO & Editor-in-Chief
OpenGov Asia

Strategising data management and digital infrastructure to boost the digital economy.

Sound data and data-driven insights allow both the public and private sectors to understand needs, demands and trends. Such inputs allow policy- and decision-makers to find ways better serve citizens and clients. As with countries across the globe, Indonesia, too, will significantly depend on a robust data strategy.

Long recognising the value of data and analytics, the government is actively exploring how it can manage its data to its fullest potential through the Satu Data initiative. To produce accurate, up-to-date, integrated, and accountable data, Indonesia intends to create an easily accessible platform and share between central and regional agencies to boost the economy and deliver citizen services effectively.

While national digital transformation was in place well before the pandemic, digitisation began to accelerate when organisations began intensely scaling up the available digital infrastructure in 2020 to continue to deliver in the face of restrictions and lockdowns. Having experienced its effectiveness, digitisation remains a priority in 2022, with industry and government depending on it. 

Several laws and regulations have been put in place in recognition of the importance of providing a framework and protection for digital transformation. These restrictions primarily address data residency rather than the actual solid blueprint for the transformation journey.

However, with the emergence of the need for integrated data, people need capable technology that can collect, sort, assemble and analyse data to empower quick decisions from siloed and unstructured data.

Robust strategies for data transformation

Data is needed everywhere, but it is only an asset if it is accurate, accessible, clean and trustworthy enough to be used. Its proper management allows people to easily track, manage, and make decisions, which is fast becoming the norm in the hybrid work era, as the pandemic has brought significant changes in culture and perspective across the world and, no less,  in Indonesia.

While the Satu Data repository can be an excellent secure single source of truth, other diverse valuable datasets can be vulnerable. Hence, the need for organisations to build a quality database and to offer organisations crucial guidance to provide better citizen experiences.

In the current landscape, being digital-native is essential to meet the demands as its architecture allows for rapid and flexible responses. However, the tremendous demands for services any time, anywhere, on any device are the critical challenges that need to be handled.

Cutting-edge developments present a chance to enhance the user experience. Adoption and embracing of technology can help agencies keep up with rising expectations along the journey. Moreover, it is essential to get the users involved early so they can co-design and develop a solid blueprint that would attain the goal of comprehensive and inclusive digital transformation.

Personal data protection

The Personal Data Protection Bill seeks to make a number of adjustments to Indonesia’s data protection system in order to bring it more closely in line with global norms.

Indonesia lacked a thorough personal data protection law prior to the adoption of the PDP Bill (hence referred to as the “PDP Law”). The protection of personal data was instead covered by more than 30 distinct laws and regulations.

Cognitive infrastructure for digital process

The Indonesian government and organisations can ill-afford legacy infrastructure to be a roadblock to transformation and progress. With the appropriate setup for technology, services and profitability can be improved; adaptability and scalability ramped up and teams can respond more quickly and securely.

The Satu Data initiative intends to gather diverse data to create better insights for citizens, so critical cognitive infrastructure is essential for efficient data storage. Data needs to be in the right place, protocols and systems need to be established and security has to be deployed to ensure that accurate and actionable insights can be derived in a meaningful timeframe.

This implies that digital infrastructure itself must be nimble, with many factors to consider in the ideating and design stages. Organisations must begin by imagining the big picture and construct a roadmap through a series of incremental phases and iterations. Finally, it is crucial to review predetermined routes to see whether better alternatives and solutions to build Indonesia’s digital transformation emerge along the way.

OpenGov Asia is pleased to invite you to an exclusive OpenGov Breakfast Insight that aims to provide the latest information on adopting cloud systems and cloud-based technology. This is a closed-door, invitation-only, interactive session with top public sector leaders from Indonesia.

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Creating a solid blueprint is the key to the digital transformation journey. Come join us and learn!

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