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Trying to be a Resilient Organisation – Ongoing Journey towards Cyber Protection

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OpenGov is pleased to invite you to an exclusive Breakfast Insight that will look at how you can profit from your DX journey today as you brace yourselves for the challenges beyond.

A Dynamic Journey on Land, Air and Sea

Moving Forward to Become the Intelligent Transport Industry
Around the world, including in Singapore, populations are ageing. This poses a major problem for some industries like transportation, where a labour shortage due to retirements is already beginning to take its toll. How will the transportation industry cope?
Part of the answer is to look for solutions in emerging technology. Technologies, such as Robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, Cloud Computing and Augmented Reality (AR), are starting to reshape how we live, work and play. This will affect how people and goods move in future.
Will embracing emerging technologies, such as automation and drones, be a key in solving challenges posed by labour shortages in the transportation industry?
The short answer is yes. Alone, technology cannot solve all emerging problems but, if we make the right decisions now, technology will be a key enabler of positive change. However, there is still much confusion about where to start the digital journey and the logical steps required.
Take drones as an example. They can serve as an alternative when delivering goods, undertaking search and rescue operations, and firefighting. However, security is a concern. The use of unencrypted telecommunications and open ports by drones makes this solution vulnerable to cyber attacks and other interference.
The issue of security is not only confined to drones. Land, air, and sea, intelligent transportation systems are changing how industries operate. Transportation systems which were once isolated from network attacks are being exposed to cyber-related threats, and potential attackers are determined to find weaknesses to exploit any attack vector they can leverage.
OpenGov is pleased to invite you to our exclusive Breakfast Insight to discuss key issues in automating the transport industry.
This session serves as a great peer-to-peer learning platform for you to gain insights from your peers in the same industry and understand the latest tools and practices available today to bring your organisation to greater heights.
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