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Winning in the Hybrid World – Transforming Employee Experience To Accelerate Business Growth in APAC and Beyond

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OpenGov Asia is pleased to invite you to an exclusive OpenGovLive! Virtual Insight aimed at imparting knowledge and strategies on how to lead your organisation’s digital transformation and innovate in the Hybrid World for you to come out of the crisis stronger than ever before.

Re-thinking organisational platforms, workspaces and tools as the digital space become the new reality

In response to the pandemic, organisations have massively adopted digital technologies to enable people to learn, work or receive care regardless of distance. Given that the workforce, suppliers and clients will be distributed in the new normal, it has become mission-critical to re-think how technology can support an organisation’s workforce strategy, employee experience, talent acquisition and development programmes. At the same time, how can an organisation reach partners and serve customers better via digital means?

For organisational leaders, the emerging hybrid workplace introduces several challenges that require changes at both the strategic and tactical levels. The outlines of the post-pandemic workplace have significant implications for not only workers but IT, which will need to adapt user-supporting processes and play a, more significant role in partnering with HR on the policies and approaches that underpin work processes and changing culture. IT will also need to reprioritise its technology investments as a result.

The implications for HR, Operations and Transformation leaders regarding employee workspaces and hybrid setups are many:

  • Levels of engagement, interactivity and participation during web-based employee communication, remote onboarding, on-line teamwork and virtual training sessions.
  • Struggle to make connections, develop trust and build a sense of belonging when working remotely
  • Turning the organisation into a hybrid workplace that attracts, develop and retain talents regardless of work style or location preference.
  • Designing safe learning and working spaces that are built for the hybrid world and that create more engagement
  • Collaboration between local and remote employees partnering more closely with decision-makers for policy enablement and enforcement and appropriate monitoring


So, what do organisations need to re-think and critically adopt to fully transform their digital operations amid the new normal?

We will be discussing:

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Meet Our Distinguished Speakers


Temitope Sadiku
Global Head of Digital Employee Experience
The Kraft Heinz Company

Marc Remond
Vice President of Sales, Meeting and Learning Experience solutions, Asia Pacific

Mohit Sagar
Group Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief
OpenGov Asia

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Great and concise event with good sharing despite the current critical time!

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It was a well-organised session. The team understands how to give the personal touch and keep an involving session

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This is a great way to share new knowledge in new normal. Very useful information and hope to attend next event

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Mohit Sagar
Group Managing Director & Editor-In-Chief
OpenGov Asia

Mohit is the Group Managing Director at CIO Network, a content sharing platform that connects governments with an added focus on Education and Healthcare. He spearheads and drives all strategies and operations in Singapore, UK and Australia offices. He created the round table format within the event industry that received the Award for the Best C-level conference in Asia which is now becoming the industry norm. In a career spanning 20 years, he has held a number of senior roles in the conference & media industry in the US, UK, Middle East and Asia.


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