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IE Singapore facilitates partnership to offer IoT Facilities Management Solution in overseas markets

IE Singapore facilitates partnership to offer IoT Facilities Management Solution in overseas markets

International Enterprise (IE) Singapore has facilitated
a partnership between Certis Group (Certis) and Eutech Cybernetic Pte Ltd (Eutech)
to offer Singapore’s first IoT (Internet of Things) Facilities Management (iFM)
solution in identified markets.

The new iFM solution enables facility owners to centrally
manage and integrate building operations, optimising energy consumption,
physical security, maintenance, health and safety, space, and tenant services.

Growing abroad

Certis is a leading integrated security firm in Asia Pacific
and the Middle East, while Eutech is a Singapore headquartered SME focusing on
the design, development and implementation of software for the Digital
Workplace, Smart Buildings and IoT. IE Singapore recognised the growth needs and
complementary strengths of the companies and connected them to jointly work on
the newly launched iFM solution announced today.

Following the launch in Singapore, Certis and Eutech will
scale up this new iFM platform abroad. Under the partnership, Certis and Eutech
will target new business segments in Australia and Hong Kong together.

Both companies will be able to leverage Certis Group's
global presence in Australia and Hong Kong and its existing customer base to
make inroads into facilities management across industries in the two markets. Tapping
Certis Group’s network, Eutech can develop a track record for its comprehensive
smart city management solutions.

IE Singapore is partnering both companies through the
introduction of smart city leads in Australia, Hong Kong and other key markets.
IE Singapore also provided financial assistance for Eutech's recent rebranding
exercise for its iviva smart city platform.

Key Features and
Benefits of the new iFM solution

Eutech’s proprietary data management software – iviva will
be applied on Certis Group’s iFM platform. iviva seeks to transforms the way
smart buildings are designed, implemented and operated. The recent addition of Building
Information Modelling to ivivia enables the creation of a digital twin of the
building – a complete digital replica of a smart building’s spaces, assets, systems
and processes.

Facility owners will be able to implement predictive
maintenance systems to reduce energy and water consumption in its
infrastructure through the iFM solution. The mobile facility management
dashboard allows users to find out at a glance which utilities are consuming
more energy and water than required, allowing them to reduce usage or rectify
any faults or discrepancies in the system.

The solution also allows facility owners to reduce manpower
required and increase operational efficiencies in security, cleaning,
maintenance and operations through the use of smart technologies – IoT devices,
Big Data, Cloud and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Visitors are tracked in real-time throughout their journey
in the building, and their behaviours and preferences analysed in real-time through
pattern analytics and AI. This enables facility owners to anticipate and prevent
security breaches by constructing the risk profiles of visitors and detecting

With the new system in place, both security and non-security
officers including cleaners, maintenance personnel and receptionists will
perform less monotonous and routine tasks, as they pick up new skills and take
on a higher value role. Their job scope can also be expanded so that they can perform
multiple roles in a day, increasing work efficiency and productivity.

Mr Kow Juan Tiang, Coordinating Group Director,
Environmental & Infrastructure Solutions & Technology Business Group,
IE Singapore, said, “Our SMEs have innovative solutions but their lack of
overseas track record often makes it difficult for them to break into new
markets. This collaboration enables an industry leader and an SME to leverage
each other’s strengths. Certis is adopting Eutech’s niche technology solution
to enhance its services while Eutech can gain from Certis’ wide market reach.
We hope to facilitate more of such partnerships to help our companies expand
overseas effectively.”

IE Singapore has been facilitating similar partnerships
between Singapore-based industry leading companies and local SMEs. In another
example from last year, Surbana Jurong partnered
with two SMEs, iFocus Pte. Ltd. (a hardware company) and S3 Innovate Pte. Ltd.
(a data visualisation company) to clinch their first lift monitoring project in
Guangzhou city. SJ’s  Smart
City in a Box
™ serves as the platform, while iFocus and S3 Innovate provide
hardware (sensors) for lift monitoring and user-friendly data visualisation

“The partnership between Certis Group, EuTech and IE
Singapore is pivotal for us to expand our technological capability in IoT
Facilities Management in both the local and global markets. Building on our
core capabilities in security, the IoT FM is an outcome-based approach that
will strategically enhance our current service offerings and provide
unparalleled value to facility owners in the long run,” added Mr Joseph CP Tan,
Senior Managing Director, Certis Technology Services.

Mr Hari Gunasingham, CEO, Eutech, shared, “We are at the
cusp of a digital transformation of the S$13 billion global construction
industry. We believe that our iviva technology will be a key enabler of this
transformation, especially in the field of Smart Buildings.”

“The collaboration with a big company like Certis enables us
to leverage each other’s capabilities and we hope to deliver this solution to
other markets through their reach. These Smart Building services are easy to
deploy as a Cloud service to any building in Singapore or overseas. It is a
game changer that brings enormous value to owners and operators of buildings
enabling them to reduce significant costs and deliver better services to their

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