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Indonesia encourages women to learn digital tech through learning initiative

Credit: Ministry of Communication and Information

The Ministry of Communication and Information has collaborated with a mobile telecommunications company to encourage Indonesian women to be more literate in digital technology.

As reported, the Sisternet Smart Corner is a learning vehicle designed as a shelter where women can educate themselves on the benefits of utilising digital technology.

Smart Corner

In these shelters, the women can learn to use technology that will develop their potential and help them become more empowered.

The learning vehicle will be beneficial for women as they will be able to learn how they can transform consumer quality information into an added income.

This will also teach them how they can contribute to the country’s economy through digital technology.

With the proliferation of hoax information in Indonesia, it is vital that women are digitally literate so that they will be able to choose and sort the types of information that they come across with.

The digital era has opened up opportunities for everyone to improve their abilities, and Indonesian women should not be left behind.

Data networks are expanding to remote areas, through various government efforts.

Indonesian women should be given equal access to it and be able to utilise it in such a way that it will create more opportunities for them.

Employing technology will definitely help them improve not only their quality of life, but also that of their families.

Sister Speaking

“Sister Speaking” will be a monthly class, under the Smart Corner initiative, which will teach a plethora of materials that includes digital parenting, entrepreneurship, digital literacy, and journalistic photography.

An expert in the related field will present on each of the material.

They will be guiding the participants as they learn how to use digital tools in getting maximum results related to the material being taught.

The class is open to women and is free of charge. Interested participants need only to register and become a Sisternet member.


There are approximately 14,000 Sisternet members who can provide various learning materials readily available and digitally accessible to members.

Sisternet have actively visited women in remote areas to introduce them to digitalisation and the benefits they can get from utilising it.

Since its launch, approximately 100 education classes have been given. 10,000 Indonesian women have participated in these classes.

At present, the Sisternet program is actively collaborating with a number of ministries.

The mobile telecommunication company have shown their support for the delivery of the information to the public with the use of digital facilities.

The company has cooperated with the following Ministries:

  1. Ministry of Communication and Information
  2. Ministry of Health
  3. Ministry of Transportation
  4. Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection
  5. Ministry of Manpower
  6. Ministry of Villages
  7. Development of Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration
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