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Indonesian College Students Initiate Donation Platform

Image source: its.ac.id

There are still many children who cannot continue their education because of financial limitations to buy school supplies, even though there are also many school graduates who do not know where to put school equipment that they no longer use. Seeing this phenomenon, the student team of the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) initiated an integrated application that connects donors for school needs to those in need.

Initially, the members of this team were confused about the items they had during school. Meanwhile, the desire to donate used goods that are still fit for use is very high. However, they do not know where to go if they want to do that. Finally came the idea that initiated an application called Eduly. Eduly is a platform for people who need various school equipment and who want to donate their goods.

The recipient of the donated goods can be an orphanage foundation that is a partner of the Eduly team or an individual who is in need of the item. The application will recommend recipients who need when the donor will donate the goods. This way, the donor will immediately know where the goods are going.

For the delivery of goods, the team provides two options. Donors can choose to send the goods themselves to the recipient, or use the pick-up feature which provides facilities for the goods to be delivered by the team to the recipient. This feature is provided to make it easier for donors to send goods. The students want donors not to feel burdened when they want to donate their goods, so they provide these two options.

In this way, it will be easier for people who do not know where to donate their used school goods. In addition, children who feel they cannot continue their education because they don’t have the equipment will be reduced. This will certainly help reduce the rate of children dropping out of school and is expected to improve the quality of education in Indonesia.

ITS is aiming towards a world-class university, has the vision to become a strong pillar in the nation’s economy through education, research, community service, innovative development, and the creation of innovative products in the fields of science and technology.  The five aspects serve as the research focus of ITS as a leading institute with a mission to contribute to knowledge and technology for the wellbeing of the community. Research Center ITS is hoped to have an active role in the advancement of knowledge and communication through international research activity.

The research done by Civitas Academica ITS continues to excel and produces many discoveries in various fields of science that lead to the development of advanced technology, to fulfil human needs. The results of research conducted by the Civitas Academica ITS are always communicated to the public through scientific publications in a database of accredited international journals.

As reported by OpenGov Asia, patients with Chronic Kidney Failure who use the Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD) method often have problems with self-monitoring which can lead to complications. To overcome this problem, students of ITS created the SahabatCAPD  (CAPD’S friends) application with machine learning technology, to help patients detect early risk of complications and improve patient self-monitoring.

The SahabatCAPD app has three main functionality concepts. First, a logbook as a substitute for a dialysis logbook for patients is more effective and systematic in providing follow-up data to medical personnel. Second, a chatbot as a virtual assistant system when patients need education about CAPD. Third, is the machine learning-based complication early detection model.

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