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Indonesian universities cooperate to advance tech research

Indonesian universities have been cooperating for the improvement of their research and the added boost to their technological capabilities.

The first of which is the Institut Teknologi Bandung. The University signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with DigitalGlobe, a company that engages in space imagery, geospatial and remote sensing activities.

According to a recent report, the University was represented by the Vice-Rector of Research, Innovation and Partnership while the company was represented by the Senior Director in the signing.

The University went into this cooperation in an effort to enhance the quality of its technology. For the company’s part, they are grateful for the MoU as it will give them the necessary support they need from a known educational research institution in order to achieve much bigger work.

Citing the disasters that recently occurred, such as the Palu-Donggala earthquake and tsunami, this MoU hopes to conduct more researches together on disaster mitigation, disaster management and warning.

This is aligned with the company’s mission to see a better world and with the help of the University; this endeavour may be achieved faster.

The University is grateful for the collaboration as the company’s expertise in the area of geospatial and remote sensing will be very beneficial.

Moreover, this MoU is the University’s way of widening its network by collaborating with others. It goes accordingly with the plans of the school to move towards being an Entrepreneurial university.

By 2020, the University will be celebrating its 100th anniversary, becoming the oldest university in science and technology in Indonesia, and becoming an entrepreneurial university is the direction that the University aims to achieve.

To accomplish that, the University must collaborate more with partners, the government, the business community and the industry.

The second of which is the Universitas Gadjah Mada. The University has strengthened its long-running cooperation with Japan’s Yamagata University by playing host to an entourage from the Japanese University.

According to a recent report, the aim of this visit is to open a diverse range of cooperation with a focus on the field of science, specifically with the Department of Chemical Engineering under the University’s Faculty of Engineering.

Moreover, the University is hoping that this will pave the way for more Japanese students to come and study there.

This cooperation might just open the possibility for a double degree program.

The objective behind the visit of Yamagata University is to boost education, research and service cooperation as well as the opportunity for an exchange program for students and teachers.

There has been a long-standing cooperation between the two universities related to agriculture. But this time, the focus will be on engineering.

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