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IoT Training to prepare Indonesia for Industrial Revolution 4.0

An Internet of Things (IoT) Network Planning Training was held in Bandung, Indonesia as part of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Regional activities.

According to a recent report, the training was organised by the Ministry of Communications and Informatics together with ITU and supported by the Australian Government’s Department of Communication and Arts.

The training was aimed at understanding new processes and approaches in the planning for the future of IoT networks.

The training also touched on the implementation of spectrum and policy issues, technology and infrastructure, technology presentations and road maps, technology strategies, and sustainable smart city applications.

The training was very timely as the country is now entering the era of digital revolution. The Fourth Industrial Revolution represents new ways in which technology is integrated into society.

Digital services have influenced the ways in which people live, make decisions and interact. There is also an increase in the number of new businesses emerging that utilise innovation and efficiency.

Moreover, there is an increase in mobile phone usage. It has become the most important device being used when accessing the internet, with majority of online traffic coming from them.

Most countries recognise the significance of information, communication, and technology (ICT) and its role in successfully promoting national development.

ICT has contributed in increasing a country’s progress in the areas of economy, political and social development. Similar to other countries, Indonesia is promoting ICT for the welfare of its society.

Because of this, Indonesia’s Ministry of Communications and Informatics acknowledges the need to have ICT standardisation policies and planning.

Emphasis is given on network planning, road maps, technology, standardisation, security, and applications related to IoT and if possible, these should be implemented immediately.

The Ministry partnered with ITU in organising this training in order to build the country’s capacity in both human and institutional resources.

The training began with a presentation on “IoT Technology and Roadmap” with the objective of presenting Indonesia as a case study.

There were 110 training participants who represented Indonesian government agencies and companies from the industry and the academic sector. There were also representatives from various countries present.

Some of the companies present are PT. INTI, Telkomsel, Smarfren Telecom, XL Axiata, and PT. Sampoerna Telekomunikasi Indonesia.

While the academic sector was represented by Telkom University, Brawijaya University, University of Indonesia, and Bandung Institute of Technology.

Hopefully, the participants will be able to give feedback on their experience and help in improving on what topics should be discussed next.

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