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Malaysia’s MDeC helps to implement Cyberjaya Smart Traffic Lights

Malaysias MDeC helps to implement Cyberjaya Smart Traffic Lights

It was recently announced that Malaysia’s Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) has provided funding to implement a Smart Traffic Management System throughout Cyberjaya.

The implementation of such Smart System was first mentioned in Malaysia’s National IoT Strategic Roadmap, developed in collaboration with MIMOS.

This Smart Traffic Management System is operated through Smart Traffic Lights, which communicate with each other and linked across to the command centre. These are designed to manage vehicular traffic throughout the city using analytic abilities provided to the traffic lights.

It works by using data captured through LTE-equipped controllers, resting atop the traffic lights.

The data helps to determine the condition of traffic and direct vehicles accordingly, while reducing waiting time at the lights.

The traffic management command centre will receive the data collected from this system, while retaining the ability to access the light’s controllers.

It is hoped that this system will help improve traffic efficiency, safety and overall quality of life for citizens on the road.

The new system will also improve governance of traffic management amongst the several authorities, agencies, and transport service providers to help them better understand road traffic in Cyberjaya.

Smart Traffic Management Systems like such have been seen across the world… they are considered markers of smart city development.

This move towards Smarter Traffic Management marks the first of many in smart infrastructural upgrades to the city of Cyberjaya. The city, known as the regional tech hub and the primary MSC Malaysia Cybercity, is thriving off of innovative integrations to improve the standard of living. 

Image from Alex LCC BY 2.0

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