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NSW employment precincts to provide jobs, education and innovation

The Sydney Innovation and Technology Precinct, located at Central-Eveleigh, will soon open its doors to a home-grown IT giant according to an announcement made by NSW Premier Gladys Berejklian regarding initiatives across four employment precincts.

According to a recent press release, the Premier, together with Treasurer Dominic Perrottet, joined the CEO of the IT company in declaring that they have reached an agreement in principle for the tech leader to create a new home for their Sydney headquarters near Central Station.

New South Wales has a record low unemployment rate of 3.9%. But the NSW Government is not sitting on their laurels as they will be creating 250,000 new jobs across the next four years.

The Precincts

The Sydney Innovation and Technology Precinct will become the digital destination for all of Australia, with thousands of people working and learning and the company will soon be a part of this future.

These employment precincts will play an important role contributing to that total.

The Premier has revealed more key initiatives in three other precincts. These are:

  1. A statement of intent has been signed along with three universities to create the Liverpool Health and Innovation Precinct based around the A$ 740 million redeveloped Liverpool Hospital.

    This precinct will be a partnership among South Western Sydney Local Health District, the University of New South Wales (UNSW), the University of Wollongong (UOW), the Western Sydney University and an institute focused on Applied Medical Science.

  1. A Nuclear Medicine Technology Hub, which will create up to 5000 jobs, will be developed through a A$ 12.5 million funding.

    This is made possible by a partnership with the Australian Nuclear Science Technology Organisation (ANSTO) in Lucas Heights, located at Sydney’s south.

  1. The creation of an integrated Central Coast Education and Employment Precinct around a revitalised Gosford CBD, which will provide increased education and job opportunities.

The NSW Government wants Western and South Western Sydney, and the Central Coast to have the best jobs and the best education opportunities, and these new precincts will be delivering that.

The Premier highlighted that these precincts will bring together universities, major hospitals, industry leaders and start-ups to deliver more job opportunities.

Creating the environment for innovation and entrepreneurship would provide opportunity for the next generation.

New South Wales

NSW is in a strong economic position and it is vital to take advantage of it in order to create opportunity for the future and keep growing the state.

The State has Australia’s most diverse economy and one of its great strengths is its ability to innovate and develop new businesses not only for today, but also for the next generation.

These four precincts are in addition to six other major precincts that the Government is delivering across NSW. These precincts are:

  1. Western Sydney Airport Aerospace and Defence Industries Precinct
  2. Westmead Health and Education Precinct
  3. Randwick Health and Education Precinct
  4. Williamtown Defence Aerospace and Aviation Precinct
  5. Parkes Special Activation Precinct
  6. Wagga Wagga Special Activation Precinct.
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