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Great Audience, Feedback And Engaging Format! OpenGov Client Handling ...
Marketing Director
Fantastic Dialogue Once Again. A Lot Of Thoughts Given To The Polling ...
Strategic Alliance Manager
Facilitator Has Done His Work & Research On Transport Industry And...
Senior Partner Manager

How we are dedicated to create great events for our customers

The event as a whole is excellent. Good crowd, my team manages to meet quite a few good contacts. OpenGov client handling Is great.

Marketing Specialist

The event overall is good. I'm impressed most with the gamification session. OpenGov client handling is great.

Brand Activation, Executive

Overall the event was very productive and OpenGov client handling is good.

Corporate Communications Manager - APAC

I'm impressed most with the top level people attended this event. OpenGov client handling is excellent.

Key Account Manager - Enterprise Sales

OpenGov event has provided me an excellent experience.

Territory Channel Manager

Good Turnout! I'm impressed with the quality of delegates-high ranking!

Head of Public Affairs, Asia Pacific

Good event, what we needed most is to get quality attendees and OpenGov has delivered it! I'm impressed with the quality of attendees and compare to other event I like this program and its more precise. OpenGov client handling is perfect.

General Manager, SEA

Event is excellent, impressed with opening remarks by mohit and well organised. OpenGov Client handling is excellent.

Marketing Manager, SEA

OpenGov event has provided a good experience and I'm impressed with the gamification format.

Segment Sales Lead

Great Organisation and audience targeting. I'm impressed with the small group setting which allows for greater interaction. OpenGov Breakfast Insights differ from other event in providing exclusive networking opportunity and their client handling is good.

Marketing Manager

I'm impressed with the event management provided by OpenGov Team.

Head of Presales, APAC

I had a very good experience with the OpenGov Breakfast Insights event. Delegates attended are relevant and participated well throughout the session.

Territory Channel Manager, SG & PH

Compared to last year the quality of attendance who is interested to our products are improving. I'm impressed with overall topics of discussion are very related to our business and the list of companies are suitable with our target audience. The organiser has been very proactive and communicative. Thanks for the great support.

Marketing Communications Manager

OpenGov has provided a good turn up with quality delegates.

Marketing Manager, SEA

OpenGov event has a good quality and the right level of attendees. The client handling was good, the team handle our account pretty well from the beginning till the actual event.

Marketing Communications Team Lead

OpenGov event has provided a very good experience. I'm impressed most about the gamification table format and activities carried out by the vendors. This event differ in term of providing a super engaging environment and OpenGov client handling is great.

Marketing Manager

OpenGov event as a whole is very good. I'm impressed most with the energy and interaction of the session

Marketing Manager

Great format. Liked the level of participation from the audience. Got key insights into customers looking for solutions, Networking, Level of interactions and passion of the team

Enterprise Solutions Architect

Malaysia OpenGov Leadership Forum 2019 as a whole was very good.

Marketing Specialist

It is promising to see how government bodies have been transitioning and advancing technologically. I am most impressed with the simplicity of the format. Easy to understand, therefore, easier to focus on the delegates. This event differs from others in terms of being able to provide better engagement and more interactive participants. OpenGov client handling was great.

Solution Architect/ Commercial Operations Associate
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