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Philippine university expands Digital Academics with new programs

Mapúa University, one of the top engineering and technological universities in the Philippines, expands its Digital Academics program offerings with eight new fully online master’s degree programs.

The Eight Programs

According to a recent press release, the University will open three fully online Master of Engineering (MEP) programs starting in August 2019.

The three MEP programs are Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Electronics Engineering. MEP programs will all culminate with a practicum in the industry.

Additionally, fully online Master of Science (MS) programs in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering will also be offered.

However, these programs will be requiring a thesis.

Lastly, a degree in Master in Information Technology (MIT) rounds out the list of the University’s new fully online programs.

Students of this program may opt to pursue a Network Management Track or Data Analytics Track as their specialisations.

Digital Academics

The programs will be offered in Mapúa Digital Academics, the University’s initiative in offering fully online programs, through its very own online education platform EDGE or Education in a Digital and Global Environment.

Mapúa Digital Academics has been offering MEP in Industrial Engineering, the country’s first fully online graduate program in engineering, since its launch in 2017.

The programs will be following the University’s quarter systems, thereby allowing the students to complete the programs in less than two years, or in seven quarters.

MEP, MS, and MIT students shall earn 36, 30, and 37 course units, respectively, to complete the program and earn the degree.

The offering of the new fully online programs and the prior launch of Mapúa Digital Academics are parts of Mapúa’s initiatives in developing and bolstering its world-class of education, reaching more learners across the globe through its online learning space.

Cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset

In other news, the University launched its BEEHIVE Accelerator Program recently in its aim to cultivate entrepreneurial mindset and support business ideas.

The BEEHIVE Accelerator Program is one of the key deliverables of the BEEHIVE Project designed to enhance partner universities’ student and graduate’s employability and their ability to create jobs.

BEEHIVE stands for Building Entrepreneurial Ecosystems to Enhance Higher Education Value-Added for Better Graduate Employability.

The Accelerator Program aims to help selected young entrepreneurs to bring their business ideas to an investor-ready stage.

Participants will be receiving the following benefits:

  1. Advised from committed mentors and European Union experts in the project
  2. Access business start-up knowledge and education
  3. Get hands-on support in the field of finance, taxation, marketing, advertising, and human resources management, among others
  4. Get the opportunity to connect and network to build business relations and partnerships
  5. Link to potential investors through the Demo Days at the end of the program

Learning and pitching

The program is currently on its fifth week and participated in by 10 start-up groups composed of students and alumni.

These groups all work, learn, create, and grow together using the common workspace and taking advantage of the benefits provided by the BEEHIVE accelerator located in the Makati campus.

It is set to conclude with a pitching demo scheduled on 10 August 2019, at the Intramuros campus.

The groups will also participate in the BEEHIVE Grand Pitching Day in September 2019, which will be hosted by the University and will be attended by delegates and partners from the Philippines, Indonesia, and Europe.

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