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Showcasing IT-Based Systems for Nurses

IT Based Systems for Nurses

The Nursing Masters Class of 2019 students from the University of Indonesia recently held a scientific exhibition of prototype nursing with the theme, “Nursing Informatics in Era 4.0”.

About the initiative

According to a recent press release, 270 participants representing various professions from different regions came to check out the latest ICT prototypes for nurses.

The scientific nursing exhibition aims to showcase how the development of information technology-based nursing management information systems has progressed.

Dr. Agr. Taufiq W. Priambodo, M.Sc., the Director of Innovation and Business Incubator (DIIB) at the University described the 16 prototypes to have potential applications for the community in the future.

The 16 prototypes on display are as follows:

  1. E-Assessment Risk Pressure Injury Perioperative (EARPIP)
  2. Love for Care (Low Volume for Dye, for Contrast-Induced Nephropathy)
  3. Pressure Ulcer Management Applied on Mobile
  4. Application of Nursing Care Preventing Diabetic Foot Injuries by Diabetic Foot Screening 60 seconds
  5. Palliative Performances Scale (PPS V2) Version 2
  6. Fall Risk Early Assessment
  7. E-Pain (Electronic Pain)
  8. Electronic Nurse Service Schedule Application
  9. Alarm System of Nursing Administration
  10. Postpartum Depression Early Detection Application
  11. SOBAD (Automatically Based Detection Tool) Fall Elderly
  12. Application of Anemia Screening in Adolescent Girls (Nersnemia)
  13. Nursing Assessment of EHR-Based Child Nutrition Status
  14. PAT Application in Emergency Departments Connected to Nursing Diagnosis and Interventions
  15. Fours, Cellular Application Detection of Critical Awareness Levels of Pediatric Patients
  16. Application of E-PHBS (Clean and Healthy Life Behavior)

Utilising IT in the Nursing Profession

The use of information technology (IT) in the nursing profession is not something new. Initiatives from Australia, for instance, prove that the lives of nurses are made better with the use of technology.

OpenGov Asia reported on Australian nurses to benefit from e-learning modules on My Health Record.

The Australian Digital Health Agency, in partnership with the Australian College of Nursing (ACN), has recently announced the rollout of new e-learning modules on My Health Record that will benefit the nurses.

It is critical that nurses have access to training that will support them to use the system with confidence and competence because they make up the largest number of healthcare professionals in Australia.

Having the new e-learning modules will ensure that nurses are kept informed and equipped with the latest updates for best practice when using the My Health Record system.

Another initiative in Australia, which targets nursing students, is the use of virtual reality (VR) designed to train nurses to develop skills and tools to ensure challenging situations can be managed and conflict mitigated.

Nursing students at Australia’s University of Newcastle will utilise the Conflict Resolution training VR program, which replicates a real-world emergency room and asks students to respond to a high-pressure mock scenario.

Faced with ‘Angry Stan’, an avatar based on real-world interactions, users must remain calm and navigate a range of challenges to manage the situation.

It gives second-year students a realistic insight into the clinical workplace where they can practise controlling their stress levels, manage conflict and build resilience in the classroom before entering the clinical environment.

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