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Singapore and Finland Partner to Boost Quantum Tech

Image credits: a-star.edu.sg

The National Quantum Office of Singapore (NQO), VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, CSC – IT Centre for Science (Finland) and a leading European quantum hardware company in superconducting circuits have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to explore and promote research and development collaboration in the areas of quantum technologies.

“The National Quantum Office’s collaboration with the Finnish quantum ecosystem is a tremendous opportunity to develop competitive and world-leading quantum technologies, and nurture quantum talent. We look forward to pushing the frontiers of quantum technologies, and delivering impact for the ecosystem,” says Ling Keok Tong, Executive Director, NQO.

By working together on quantum-accelerated high-performance computing and terrestrial and satellite quantum communications, the parties hope to hasten the development of quantum technology hardware components, algorithms, and applications. Additionally, the MoU will open opportunities for information sharing about national strategic roadmaps for quantum technologies.

Several industries, including medical, machine learning, artificial intelligence, encryption, and finance, stand to be revolutionised by quantum computing. Advancements in quantum computing are essential for any nation’s digital economy. The cooperation agreement, which makes use of each party’s unique strengths and skills in quantum-related technology, offers the foundation for the development of a variety of technologies.

The first quantum computer in Finland, Helmi, is housed at VTT, the technical research centre of Finland Ltd., a state-owned and controlled non-profit limited liability business with 30 years of research expertise in developing and commercializing quantum technology solutions.

Owned by the Finnish state and Finnish higher education institutions, CSC – IT Centre for Science Ltd., commonly known as the Finnish IT Centre for Science, is run on a non-profit basis and is overseen by the Ministry of Education and Culture. It specialises in scientific computing solutions built on cutting-edge research ICT infrastructures, and it recently celebrated the launch of the most powerful supercomputer in Europe, the pan-European LUMI.

The NQO is responsible for the creation and implementation of Singapore’s National Quantum Strategy to advance quantum technology, talent, and ecosystem development. The National Quantum Computing Hub, the National Quantum-Safe Network, and the National Quantum Fabless Foundry are three national quantum programmes.

These programmes combine the knowledge and resources of the Centre for Quantum Technologies’ teams at the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University Singapore, A*STAR’s Institute of High-Performance Computing, Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, and the Singapore National Supercomputing Centre.

It is an honour for VTT to bring together companies from the Finnish quantum ecosystem and Singapore’s cutting-edge expertise in the subject. According to Erja Turunen, Executive Vice President, Digital Technologies, VTT, they are also interested in learning more about the potential benefits this collaboration may bring to the company in terms of developing quantum hardware and software. She thinks that Finland and Singapore’s collaboration will ultimately help the entire quantum sector.

Kimmo Koski, Managing Director, CSC stated that high-performance computing with quantum acceleration might open entirely new scientific fields. They must successfully combine quantum computers with supercomputers to accomplish this, a highly challenging undertaking that needs the pooling of worldwide expertise to be completed. Through new agreements, CSC also hopes to incorporate several other quantum resources into LUMI. The Singapore connection is a significant step for them toward both objectives.

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