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Singapore to lead the way in urban agriculture and aquaculture technology

Dr Koh Poh Koon announced last week, a new Agri-Food Innovation Park at Sungei Kadut, which will bring together high-tech farming and R&D activities, including indoor plant factories, insect farms and animal feed production facilities. The first phase of the park will be ready in 2021, with potential for future expansion.

Dr Koh Poh Koon, Senior Minister of State for Trade and Industry, said in Parliament: “Our good innovation climate, strong talent base, reputation for food safety and strategic location position us very well to capture a slice of this industry, particularly here in Asia.”

Singapore to lead the way in urban agriculture and aquaculture technology

The goal is for Singapore to be a leading urban agriculture and aquaculture technology hub with a food production model that can be exported to the region.

The minister is leading a multi-agency team looking at how to better support the agri-tech industry in the areas of industry and enterprise development, research and development (R&D), manpower and regulations.

Agri-tech to help Singapore and provide urban farming solutions to other countries

The advances into agri-tech will not only help make Singapore more self-sufficient in producing its own food, but will also create new job opportunities as well as providing solutions for urban farming to other countries.

“We are working with local and overseas industry players to develop this first phase of the park, which will be ready from the second quarter of 2021 with potential for future expansion,” said Dr Koh, who spoke on the need to strengthen infrastructure support to encourage innovation in the sector.

The Agri-tech is a new industry sector for Singapore and is one that will benefit the sustainability of the country and also be a leading example providing solutions for other nations.

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