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Singapore’s Immigration & Checkpoints Authority is transforming its service delivery

From 1 September 2020, Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents with registered SingPass accounts will start receiving digital push notifications from the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) on Identity Card (IC) and passport-related matters.

These notifications will be sent either to their SingPass Mobile application or as an SMS to the mobile number registered in their SingPass account.

Currently, Singapore residents receive hardcopy letters and/or email notifications from ICA on IC and passport-related matters. For example, Singaporeans receive a hardcopy letter nine months before their passport’s expiry, that informs them about the impending expiration of their passport and the process for applying for a new passport.

Singaporeans who have successfully applied for their passport also receive hardcopy notification cards to alert them that their passport is ready for collection. Hardcopy letters are also sent to Singapore residents two weeks before their 30th or 55th birthday, to remind them to re-register their IC.

Singapore residents can also login to MyICA (www.ica.gov.sg) to access IC and passport notifications and check on the status of related transactions.

New Digital Push Notification Service

ICA has partnered GovTech to launch a new digital service to push notifications on IC and passport-related matters to Singapore residents with registered SingPass accounts.

The new digital push notification service enables Singapore residents to receive notifications on IC and passport-related matters in a more direct and timely manner, and allows them to conveniently proceed to perform the necessary follow-ups, such as submitting applications, checking the status of applications, or booking appointments to collect documents.

These notifications will be sent via their SingPass Mobile application for those who have downloaded it or as an SMS to the mobile number registered in their SingPass account. As such, Singapore residents should ensure that their contact details in SingPass are updated, to be able to receive these digital push notifications.

Upon receiving the digital push notifications, Singapore residents can click on the link within to be directed to the ICA website to begin their transactions or check on the outcome of their applications.

Singapore residents who do not have a SingPass account will continue to receive hardcopy letters or emails if they have registered an email address with ICA.

More digital push notification services for ICA’s other products and services will be progressively rolled out. This initiative is part of ICA’s commitment to transform its service delivery, through greater use of digital technology, to provide a seamless and fuss-free experience for customers.

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