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Smart City initiative in Bhubaneswar engages citizens through a Smart Map design

Smart City initiative in Bhubaneswar engages citizens through a Smart Map design

The Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation launched an initiative to design a Smart map for the Capital City. Engaging the citizens to get more involved in the Smart City vision helps the initiative grow.

The city is asking the citizens to engage in the programmes held throughout the city. This will let Bhubaneswar know what the demand is from the citizens.

This programme was launched over this past weekend during a series of citizen participation programmes held throughout the municipality. These programmes were organized out in the public to draw citizens to give their feedback on smart city initiatives.

“Human behaviour is as important as technology. Investing in smart people and not just smart technology is the intent behind these initiatives,” stated a senior official from Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation.

Young volunteers interacted with the public to draw ideas and suggestions as to how the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation can implement technologies and solutions that are cost effective and adaptive to their needs. Once the feedback was collected, a musical performance would take place for the crowds to watch.

This mapped out programme to involve citizens in Smart City planning is interactive and unique. Getting direct feedback from citizens on the streets may seem like an old-school concept. Yet, it aims to help drive Bhubaneswar to the Top-20 list of Smart Cities in India.

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