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South Australia Announces Digital Renewal Notices for Motor Vehicle Owners

South Australia Digital Renewal Notices For Motor Vehicle Owners

The South Australian Government has announced that South Australian motor vehicle owners can now subscribe to receive registration renewal notices digitally, via email or SMS.

As reported, the new initiative will provide a better and more convenient service as well as help improve the state’s environmental footprint and reduce waste.

The owners of South Australia’s 1.8 million registered vehicles with mySA GOV accounts now have the option to receive registration renewal notices via either email or SMS.


Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Local Government Stephan Knoll shared that the State Government continues to deliver new initiatives that improve service delivery, in this case for South Australian vehicle owners.

More and more people now prefer to receive their utilities bills or other correspondence digitally, whether that be email or via a text alert system.

A similar service is now being offered to all South Australian vehicle owners to improve timely communication and provide them with a better service.

There has been an overwhelmingly positive response since implementing the digital drivers’ licence, with just over 200,000 South Australians opting in for that service.

In fact, on average around 10,000 South Australians continue to opt for digital licences each month.

About the Initiative

With around 70,000 registration renewal application forms currently being printed and mailed out on average every week, the introduction of digital notices will also help improve the state’s environmental footprint and reduce waste.

The Department will undertake a communications strategy to encourage more South Australian vehicle owners to sign up for the new digital renewal system.

This includes promotional material included in all new vehicle registration notices as well as a broader digital campaign on social media and at Service SA centres amongst others.

The digital renewal notices will remind subscribers that their registration is due to expire approximately six weeks ahead and include a direct link for them to renew the vehicle registration online.

Subscribers will receive a follow-up notice during the week before their expiration, if the renewal has not already been paid.

If the registration expires, a digital notification will be sent on the day following expiry.

Motor vehicle owners, who opt for the digital renewal notice service via their mySA GOV account, will no longer receive registration renewal application forms in the mail.

As of 11 December, 10,261 customers linked to 14,166 registered vehicles had already subscribed to receive digital notices since the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure’s (DPTI) soft launch of the service last month.

This includes 6732 new account holders. As a result, 1925 notices had been sent out digitally instead of by mail.

All new mySA GOV account holders will be defaulted to receive digital renewal notices, while existing account holders will be presented with a sign-up option on their home screen.

Customers can update their notice delivery preferences on their mySA GOV account at any time. This includes the option to unsubscribe.

They must have a verified mobile phone number recorded in their account to receive SMS notices.

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