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Taiwan and the Cutting-edge of ICT Innovation

Taiwan has long been a crucial partner in the global supply chain of semiconductor design and fabrication, typically assembling products for other companies to sell under their own brand. But alongside this industry are a host of homegrown Taiwanese companies manufacturing and marketing their own products globally.

Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute stated that the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) ecosystem of companies is the reason to remain at the cutting-edge of ICT innovation in such a hyper-competitive industry.

Taiwanese tech companies tend to form clusters around various industry subsegments, allowing them to collaborate and rapidly explore possibilities. They find ways to improve on existing technologies and refine manufacturing efficiencies, allowing them to become globally competitive thanks to the speed of iterative innovation.

Yet this ecosystem relies on its people, and Taiwan’s affinity for manufacturing and entrepreneurism is also essential. In Taiwan’s culture, everyone has a motivation to be in control of their own destiny. They also enjoy improving manufacturing processes, not only for ICT but other areas This spirit is a unique aspect of Taiwan that has made the ICT industry as successful as it is today.

Each year, the most innovative Taiwanese companies and their products are celebrated by the Taiwan Excellence Awards, showcasing the latest technology shaping the way we live and work. One of the 2021 winners, received an award for its 4K Wireless Projection System WP-4500K, an easy-to-use projector primarily designed for business or education environments. It features a four-split screen mode and can accommodate up to 32 connected devices using high-speed 5G WIFI.

Another Taiwan Excellence Award-winning company developed a cutting-edge digital product display case. The case displays products behind a transparent digital touchscreen, with advertising visuals and product information overlaid on the transparent touchscreen, accompanied by audio, providing an eye-catching combination of physical and digital visuals to engage consumers.

The company purposefully chose to enter the niche market of transparent LCD products, to avoid competition and create new innovations. With their team of multidisciplinary experts in IT, LCD and data communications, they focus on specific applications such as product advertising, tourist information and healthcare promotion.

Another 2021 Taiwan Excellence Award recipient produced a wide range of IP-based network solutions which are distributed to more than 140 countries. It won the award for its latest 24-port 802.3bt PoE networking switch, equipped with two hot-swappable redundant power supply modules for up to 2280W. Designed to support smart city infrastructure, such as smart buildings, lighting or surveillance which require a constant operation, the power modules can be removed and replaced without disruption.

As reported by OpenGov Asia, Taiwan Excellence is Taiwan’s proposition to the world on how to live an innovative life. Let cutting-edge technology lead the way to a better future. They are closely interlinked with international markets. We are the steadfast partners for outstanding enterprises, sharing the beautiful fruits of win-win collaborations. They also feature the most innovative and high-quality products from Taiwan. They allow people to chase their dreams and live an excellent life, every day.

Regardless of the latest technologies, whether it be the internet of things, artificial intelligence or quantum computing, Taiwanese companies will likely remain well-positioned to serve the global market. Whatever the technology is, companies will still need innovative or next-generation processors optimised to execute specific algorithms. And that’s where the strengths of Taiwanese companies come in, to find ways to optimise the manufacturing process, and later for clusters to launch new innovative products derived from the technology.

While Taiwanese companies may not be the originators of new technologies, their speed to market and iterative innovation are a strategic advantage allowing them to carve their own niche. Taiwanese companies take technologies from one to ‘n’, rather than from zero to one, creating new innovative products to serve the global market.

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