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The Philippines Adopting Cloud Technology for Business Flexibility

Given the impact of COVID-19 on business operations and working arrangements, an increasing number of Philippine businesses are turning to cloud-based IT solutions to help them navigate the new conditions, with more than half (51%) reporting that they have adopted more cloud-based IT solutions. With cloud technologies viewed as an enabler of digital transformations, 16% of Philippine businesses said they are now more supportive of using cloud-based IT solutions to grow their businesses than they were prior to COVID-19, ranking among the highest of the markets polled.

COVID-19 also increased demand for hybrid cloud solutions in the Philippines, with 74% of local businesses viewing the approach as critical to disaster recovery and business continuity efforts because it captures the public cloud’s highly elastic, scalable, and accessible benefits while also meeting the needs of private cloud users. As per the survey, nearly 70% of local enterprises believe that working with third-party IT vendors can help businesses respond to COVID-19 more quickly than relying on an in-house team.

During the pandemic, an increasing number of businesses understand the importance of consolidating their business processes. In the Philippines, a major banking institution and a local government unit recently chose a cloud service provider to manage their digital transformation journeys and overcome the limitations of legacy applications.

Some of the most common challenges that cloud service provider clients used to face from outdated systems include the sluggish response to changing market conditions, the slow pace of innovation, the existence of inflexible systems and applications and the unpredictability of costs. By bridging this crucial gap, the company now has more than 400,000 customers relying on its platform to run operations across the technology spectrum.

In an online briefing to mark the start of the company’s new fiscal year, the company’s product development global vice president recalled how the pivot from a product-based model to a more service-based approach has been the single most significant transformation. Since then, the company has delivered new capabilities to its customers four times a year.

Approximately 80% of these new capabilities and features are born at the company’s customer-connect event, which allows customers to exchange ideas with the development team. Customers can connect with experts on topics such as customer experience, human capital management, enterprise resource planning, enterprise performance management, supply chain management, platform as a service, and Infrastructure as a service via this platform.

To assist businesses in scaling in a high-performance environment offers cloud infrastructure in the public cloud or on-premises, as well as cloud applications through its comprehensive SaaS suite. Fusion applications, which are part of the company’s suite of cloud-based solutions, are driven by a customer-first mindset and provide a modern user experience by leveraging AI, machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), and blockchain.

“Fusion applications are built off a common data model. Across the enterprise, whether you’re in marketing or sales function, you have a common view of entities. You define them once in the system, it’s not separate pieces of software code for each of those functions,” he explained.

He also mentioned some of the company’s successful partnerships, including one with a large-scale company that has now accelerated processes and deployed a Cloud solution in 63 countries, and one with a company in North America that replaced SAP with the company’s Fusion Cloud Application Suite.

The company hopes to sign up more businesses to migrate to the cloud. It also has programmes in place to remove the complexity of implementing cloud technology, such as the company device that handles the heavy lifting of data migration -an industry-first automated upgrade to the company’s cloud for businesses and governments.

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