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The Philippines to Enhance Connectivity for Cordona’s Public Service and Education

The municipality of Cardona in the Rizal province of the Philippines is preparing to centralise its internet and voice connectivity for improved public service, official business and educational delivery.

Cardona’s Mayor was confident that this initiative would benefit not only the business and public service sectors but also the educational sector, especially since the internet is a necessity due to remote learning. Certain processes in local government will also be streamlined as a result of this programme.

The mayor is convinced that the Cardona LGU has always been interested in having centralised internet and voice connectivity. Hence, when a proposal was submitted, he immediately acted on it as he knew that this project will improve the lives of his constituents. The innovative project would make it easier for their LGU to communicate with their constituents from their 18 barangays, 11 of which are on the mainland and 7 on Talim Island, because the technology they are acquiring can provide updates as quickly as possible while also being efficient and consistent.

According to a recent study, the country’s Internet quality is among the best in the world, with the Philippines ranking 20th and demonstrating the fastest year-on-year growth in mobile and broadband speed. Data shows that the country now registers an average of 25.07Mbps and 16.95Mbps for fixed broadband and mobile internet, respectively.

To that end, the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) had presented to the House Committee on Appropriations its plans for further improving telecommunications and internet connectivity in the Philippines, notably the National Broadband Programme’s plan for a government-owned national fibre optic network (NBP). According to recent surveys, there has been a noticeable improvement in average internet speeds across the country.

One of the Philippines’ fastest-growing telecommunications distributors will provide the technology for this ground-breaking action plan in Cardona by utilising one of its flagship brands, which is regarded as a pioneering all-in communication platform in the Philippines today.

The project leader of the telecom distributor explains the additional benefits that their technology can provide. He mentions that it is its mission to help the community and that the company acknowledges the challenges that everyone is now facing, which has then led them to create effective and user-friendly solutions that will connect people wherever they are to institutions or organisations the fastest way possible.

OpenGov Asia reported that three months after an order issued by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) allowing telecom companies to construct infrastructure projects within the allowable right-of-way limits of national roads, the Philippines’ internet provider saw an improvement in its efforts to fibrise more homes and businesses.

The order has bolstered the company’s bid to extend fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) lines to more households in strategic areas across the country. Since the third week of March this year, the internet provider has been able to install FTTH lines, which are supplemented by 96 DWPH permits. The right-of-way order also enabled fiberisation to support Mobile Builds from 39 DPWH permits.

“The support of DPWH, and the government in general, will really allow us to decongest demand for internet connectivity in the highly-urbanised areas in the country. This will help us fast-track laying out our fibre cables to more households that are now more dependent on having reliable, fast, and accessible internet,” said the company’s Vice President for Programme Delivery, Network Technical Group.

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