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The Philippines to use autonomous vehicles during SEA Games

The Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) of the Philippines will be providing autonomous vehicle (AV) service in the New Clark City during the 2019 Southeast Asian Games.

According to a recent press release, a fleet of electric P-1 Self Driving Shuttles will showcase the future of urban transportation running a service between the athletes’ village, aquatic centre and athletics stadium in New Clark City.

The Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games) is a biennial event with approximately 8,750 athletes from 11 countries, participating in 57 sports and targeting more than 500 million viewers.

The Philippines is hosting the 30th SEA Games from 30 November – 11 December 2019 in multiple venues around the country.

The SEA Games will be the first major international sporting event to offer an AV service to its athletes.

Autonomous Vehicle

Each P-1 shuttle has a capacity of up to 20 passengers, which depends on the seating configuration, and can operate safely in pedestrian areas, in mixed traffic or on a dedicated lane.

Designed as a first and last mile mobility solution, the P-1 shuttle is ideal for working as a connector between venues or to existing public transportation.

Fleets of these shuttles operating on a dedicated lane, however, can travel further at higher speeds of up to 50mph, and provide a flexible, low cost alternative to Light Rail.

The Agency’s President and CEO explained that cities must be for the people.

Smart cities

Hosting the SEA Games at New Clark City is an opportunity to showcase the country’s vision of a modern, smart and green metropolis.

Part of this vision is to adopt new modes that can complement the existing transportation and provide the best living and working environment for the people.

Working with the self-driving mobility company will provide a unique self-driving service for the athletes and an opportunity for the public to sample the next generation of urban mobility.

Traffic problems are well documented in the region, and these are the types of vehicles that can begin to turn the tide, remove congestion and give cities back to the people.

Testing the self-driving shuttle at the games may serve as a proof of concept for larger deployments at New Clark City and beyond.

The Agency and the company share the same vision for the future: cities must be made more liveable by removing traffic and connecting people with clean mobility options that put pedestrians first.

New Clark City

The Chairman and CEO of the company shared that the SEA Games is the perfect event and New Clark City the ideal location to showcase the future of urban transportation.

OpenGov Asia earlier reported on The Philippines and Japan partner for smart city development.

The New Clark City (NCC) will be a new metropolis that will be prepared for the future and will be “driven by technology and the most forward-looking industries.”

The BCDA is a government agency that engages in public-private partnerships to push forward vital public infrastructure such as tollways, airports, seaports, and also major real estate developments.

It has successfully developed economic centres with the private sector giving rise to booming economic districts.

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