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Zero-Emission Electric Busses to Be Deployed in the Philippines

Electric buses were first deployed in the City of Manila in March of last year by the Philippines’ first electric vehicle corporation, which also ferried commuters for free for the first three months after its launch. BEST, or Business for Environmentally Sustainable Transformation, electric vehicles run routes from Manila to Pasay City and Quezon City. Following physical distancing restrictions, each unit safely accommodated 15 passengers; however, the electric bus can normally accommodate 30 passengers.

Recently, the company announced plans to launch a zero-emission bus shuttle service for their Batangas employees. The initiative is part of a programme to use more green technology and reduce carbon emissions in the company’s businesses and allied services, according to the company. The service will be provided by two high-tech electric buses, which are scheduled to arrive in October. The Community Optimised Managed Electric Transport can transport up to 30 people and travel up to 100 kilometres on a single charge. Each bus also has Wi-Fi, a GPS or global positioning system device, and other amenities, such as a contact-tracing app.

According to the company, First Balfour has reached an agreement with GET-Philippines, the local arm of a US-based electric transport corporation, for the initial acquisition of two new-generation electric buses.

We have been integrating sustainability in our businesses and in how we operate. We have been looking at investing in electric vehicles for service vehicles for some time now. For us, this is the future.

The transportation corporation group has also finalised a separate agreement with an electric transformer manufacturer, another of the Philippines’ EV transportation subsidiaries, for the use of the first electric bus by the transportation corporation’s employees in a 520-hectare special economic zone in Batangas. The transportation corporation group intends to replicate the non-polluting transportation project in other business locations and projects where it will be appropriate.

OpenGov Asia reported that the Philippine electric vehicle (e-vehicle) industry aspires to create a country in which the use of electric vehicles is strongly promoted, encouraged, and supported by the government and society in building a transportation landscape that is ecologically and economically sustainable. They are the most environmentally friendly mode of transportation because their entire life cycle is far more sustainable. Driving compensates for their higher manufacturing emissions as they use electricity as fuel.

The nation continues to develop its electric vehicle market as industry and government are cooperating to support electric vehicle adoption in the Philippines. From an energy sector perspective, proposed legislation seeks to build an entire ecosystem supportive of EV’s by requiring the Philippine Department of Energy (DOE) to create an Electric Vehicle Roadmap that will form part of the Philippine Energy Plan. It will include a charging infrastructure and fiscal and non-fiscal incentives.

Recently, the Philippines has adopted a low carbon, energy-efficient electric or E-vehicle technology in “low carbon cities” under a Global Environment Facility (GEF)-7 project to cut greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and reduce air pollution.

“We have been integrating sustainability in our businesses and in how we operate. We have been looking at investing in electric vehicles for service vehicles for some time now. For us, this is the future,” the transportation corporation group president stressed during the signing of agreements earlier.

“This demonstrates that we are ready to forge collaborations and partnerships for a decarbonised and regenerative future,” said the transportation company’s president during the online signing ceremony.

The electric vehicle landscape is rapidly evolving. With issues such as global warming, air pollution, public health, and traffic congestion, now is the time for electric vehicles to shine. Partnering with the electric vehicle corporation was a huge milestone for the company. They are confident that they will be together at the forefront of what they believe is a changing of the guard in the transport and sustainability sector.

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