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16 year old develops Innovative Kiosk to deliver services from the Directorate of General Tax, Indonesia

OpenGov spoke to Mr. Iwan Djuniardi, Director Transformation Technology, Communication and Information, Directorate of General Tax / Ministry of Finance, Indonesia, to follow our previous discussion on cyber security.

Much to our surprise, Mr. Iwan Djuniardi introduced his 16 year old son, Muhammad Aditya Hilmy, who is developing the innovative technology behind the kiosks for tax services.

These kiosks are to provide an outlet to those individuals who do not have access to internet at home.  Kiosks acts as a one-stop-shop, allowing tax paying citizens to make a tax payment transaction.

The kiosk service was created by using an open-source platform, where original source code is made freely available and can be redistributed and modified. Using third party data, the kiosk system will operate through the enhanced server capacity –running through billions of records.

The data mining process helps identify those individuals who should be paying tax.

“There is so much data without a common identification, so we need a search engine to filter through the information,” said Mr. Iwan Djuniardi.

Muhammad Aditya Hilmy had previously created applications that are currently being used by the Directorate of General Tax.

His first venture into app development began with his mobile tax application. This application included tax information and some services.

Currently, the young innovator is working on the next version of the application, which will include search engine, voice recognition, and GPS technology. This will allow the end user to find their nearest tax office, receive alerts about their tax status, and more.

Muhammad Aditya Hilmy adjusted the search engine abilities to hone in on items applicable to the service provided. This has created a more streamlined process to filtering data which is important to the system.

Muhammad Aditya Hilmy is working on these innovative technologies all on his own as part of a final project, he will be showcasing new versions of his work later this year. 

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