Electric vehicles on the fast track in Thailand

Experts see bright prospects for electric vehicles (EV) in Thailand with all concerned agencies pursuing the government’s goal of getting 1.2 million units on the road by 2036. This news comes as the country sees a decline in old technologies such as gasoline cars and the gradual shift to smarter, cleaner technologies to power Thai cities and cars.

AI voice to take over SMS messaging

Speech is about 3 times faster than the text entry speed for English and the error rates for speech are 20% lower than the keyboard error rates committed in English. Although voice assistant is not yet that widespread in the Philippines, it will soon catch up as the economy improves.

Protecting New Zealand from cyber attacks

Cyber criminals are continuing to look for new ways to disrupt operations, make money or spy on their targets. The number of nation-state-sponsored cyberattacks has grown and that the trend will likely to continue. Increased focus and investment on cybersecurity will protect and prepare them.

Digital tech can boost tax revenues in APAC

A tax system that is efficient and effective will let a country mobilise local resources and direct them toward economic and social development. Fully electronic payment methods cost significantly less to administer and enables quicker updating of the accounts of taxpayers.

ITU South Asia area office and tech innovation centre to be set up in Delhi

The ITU local area office will accelerate the structured implementation of ITU’s development programs, focusing on underdeveloped countries, landlocked developing countries and small island developing states. It will increase the availability of technological benefits for Small and Medium Enterprises.

Virtual reality to preserve Aboriginal culture

The team who are developing the game is working hard to accurately reflect how the environments once looked. The whole landscape is rich with Aboriginal yarns, including myths and legends, stories about how they survived, how they sustained themselves, and even stories of bush foods.