UTM and biotech collaborate to connect students with industry

This collaboration represents the determination of two parties to support the government’s efforts in building Malaysia into a developed nation by the year 2020. Strategic planning and systematic enhancement of pharmaceutical services delivery through research, development, and innovation will be a focus.

Southeast Asia’s start-up scene gets help from American seed accelerator

The seed accelerator has taken up the mantle to support new tech businesses to succeed locally and in Southeast Asia. For Malaysia in particular, the firm plans a larger ecosystem with MaGIC on a three-year engagement involving developing entrepreneurial programs to Kuala Lumpur and neighbouring cities.

New screening tool to detect FASD early

FASD has often been called the ‘invisible disability due to its high rate of non- or misdiagnosis among children. Early intervention is necessary because without it, children with FASD risk having poor education outcomes, mental health issues, alcohol and other drug problems.

New device to change how recreational drugs are tested

The handheld device can be used anywhere such as the roadside, in workplaces, or in hospital triages to test for recreational drugs. At present the device can test for methamphetamine, opiates, cocaine, MDMA, cannabinoids and benzodiazepines.

Better outcomes for hospitals with MedTech

OpenGov Asia shares the pulse at the Asia Pacific MedTech Forum 2018. We attend a plenary session hosted by healthcare professionals from Indonesia, India and Singapore.

Fellowships to help University researchers soar

The researchers will maximise their SOAR Fellowships by using it on areas of research such as a smart wearable neural-interface, computational neuroscience, developing effective algorithms and data structures, machine learning, and systems for seafloor characterisation and monitoring.