Device to save New Zealand children from blindness

The idea for the device came after seeing how the current model of eye health care used to diagnose and treat vision-threatening disease in New Zealand was expensive and concentrated around eye care clinics or private optometry practices.

App to secure home networks from breach

The system will help in building Cyber Capability in novice users. This will therefore increase the cybersecurity of New Zealand at the household level. The app will also investigate how users remediate in response to notification.

Training prepares Filipino women for Fourth Industrial Revolution

The RIS Technical Training for Women is a special course under the RIS Technical Training Program in order to guarantee that Filipinos especially women can compete in the industry especially in the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This training ensures that Filipinos are future-ready.

Hong Kong Chief Executive’s Policy Address highlights – Part 3

The Chief Executive states that high-end manufacturing will generate R&D needs, which is conducive to raising R&D investment by the industries. To boost scientific research in HK, promote technology transfer and realise R&D findings, funding for three relevant schemes under the I&T Fund will be doubled.

Data Science MoU to boost Australian economy

This partnership represents an unrivalled opportunity to transform many domestic and international industries. The combined skill set of the international collaboration between the two institutions will result in outstanding outcomes that neither could achieve alone.