New website to provide guidance to Australian space start-ups

The Law Foundation of South Australia has financed the joint project with nearly A$ 100,000. Experts in domestic and international space law as well as aviation law from both organisations will comprise the board that will oversee the project.

Malaysia’s e-commerce landscape expected to grow

Government official promises that concerned committees will continue to chart the growth and development of e-commerce in the country; helped by the ASEAN Agreement on Electronic Commerce aimed at smoothening cross-border e-commerce transactions by reducing barriers and lowering entry costs.

IoT tops Indonesia’s priority for Industrial Revolution 4.0

Making Indonesia 4.0 aims to make the country a part of the top 10 countries with the strongest economy in the world by 2030. Among the disruptive tech involved with the Industrial Revolution 4.0 are IoT, big data, cloud computing, AI, mobility, VR/AR, sensors and automation systems.