Vietnam To Start Developing 6G Tech in 2022

The nation is pushing for the rapid development of its digital infrastructure and tech to become one of the world’s leading digital nations and a big part of this is the research and development of 6G technology.

HK Government Tech Lab Rolls Out New Solution

A tech company operating under the Hong Kong Smart Government Innovation Lab has launched a new solution that enables users to create customisable digital events through a sophisticated online solution set within an intuitive point-and-click interface for large-scale events.

India Develops AI-Based COVID-19 Diagnostic Algorithm

An alternative to regular RT PCR tests, COMiT-Net differentiates abnormalities in chest X-Rays between an affected lung and a non-affected lung and can ease the pressure to procure testing kits and processing centres.

Energy Queensland Selects Substation Automation System

A multinational information technology consulting and systems integration company has won a five-year contract with Energy Queensland to supply its operational technology hardware, software and specialised services.

Indian Navy to Apply AI in Upcoming Projects

The navy is progressing 30 AI-based projects that encompass autonomous systems, language translation, predictive maintenance, inventory management, text mining, perimeter security, maritime domain awareness and decision making.

Singapore’s Use of AI in Healthcare and Education

Singapore has utilised AI for various purposes, including providing accurate early detection and timely treatments that are effective in preventing blindness and identifying skillsets of users based on co-curricular activity.