Boosting the Logistics Sector in India

The government is keen to work with the private sector to bring down logistics costs and increase economic efficiency and indigenous innovation and the PM GatiShakti scheme will go a long way to boosting the logistics sector.

Accelerating Hong Kong’s Innovation Development

Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation is partnering to drive business innovation and digital development in Hong Kong through a series of new collaborative solutions over the next three years.

U.S: Robotic Fireflies Takes-Off

Inspired by fireflies, U.S. Researchers develop insect-scale robots that can emit light while flying, allowing for motion monitoring and communication.

Vietnam Strengthens National Cybersecurity

The ministry will strengthen mechanisms for monitoring and proactive scanning, raise public awareness and provide warnings of expected cyberattacks while continuing to review vulnerabilities.

Digital Initiatives to Support NSW Communities

From helping new parents keep track of a newborn’s milestones to creating a single state-wide medical record and supporting better patient outcomes and virtual care, the Government is embracing digital solutions to help its residents.

Indonesia Readies Maritime Defence with Tech

The Indonesian government has initiatives to improve coordination in maritime radio frequency spectrum control; migration to IPv6; and advancement of new renewable energy sources.