Hong Kong Begins Recruitment of Payload Specialists

The country announced the recruitment of Payload Specialists in HKSAR for the first time where Hongkongers can now participate in the National Manned Space Programme and contribute to national tech development.

New Zealand Explores New Electrical Grid

There is a rapid deployment of new technology that is converter-based and the proposed hybrid grid, a 7-year project, will reduce the number of conversion stages needed, resulting in greater efficiency and fewer risks.

Heat-Conducting Nanoparticles in the U.S.

Researchers have created a new approach for designing nanoparticles that transfer heat in specified ways that method could be utilised to manufacture computer chips that do not overheat during operation.

CSIRO Launches New Low Emissions Mission

Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, has launched a AU$90 million mission designed to help Australia’s regions and hard-to-abate industries transform and accelerate towards a low-emissions economy.

SIM Registration Law Signs in the Philippines

The newly enacted Philippine Republic Act 11934 or the Subscriber Identity Module Card Registration Act is expected to enhance the capability of law enforcement agencies in dealing with cyber criminals.

Indonesia to Drive Local Products to Join E-Katalog App

The country will keep pushing domestic goods, particularly MSME products, to sign up for the e-Katalog programme in an effort to support programmes that encourage the usage of homegrown goods to spur economic expansion.