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Advanced Manufacturing Solutions on Display in Taiwan

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Numerous Taiwanese manufacturers of machine tools and machine tool components displayed a variety of advanced manufacturing technologies in an online version of the organisation’s signature Taiwanese International Machine Tool Show (TIMTOS).  A key feature of the show was each company’s embrace of data-driven manufacturing. The participating companies also intend to compete with high-end Japanese and German manufacturers in the U.S. market.

One company displayed multiple turn/mill centres in its presentation, including the UX-2000 ST, a five-axis simultaneous turning/milling machine. With an integrated automatic tool changer (ATC) and a 240-degree rotating B-axis milling head, this machine can perform complex machining and turning operations with minimal operator oversight. Both this machine and the company’s EX-2000 turn/mill are capable of high-speed machining operations in addition to precision turning.

Additionally, high-end turning centres were on display, including TTT’s AX 1500, an ultra-precision lathe designed for the optical industry and capable of turning at a 0.3-micron accuracy in roundness and cylindricity. It can attain a surface roughness of plus-or-minus 5 nanometers, reducing or even eliminating the need for finishing on a separate machine.

The presenting companies also displayed a wide variety of five-axis machines, with nearly every machine tool manufacturer having at least one option. Another company showed the NU-630, a triple-column, five-axis machining centre with a swivel head. According to the company, the machine was designed with thermal compensation in mind and has built-in cooling systems for the spindle. The arrangement the company had on display came equipped with a T-Series tool management system that uses ID numbers to identify up to 6,000 tools, as well as which users load tools or operate the machine.

Another example is the CN-4050 from Asia-Pacific Elite Corp. (APEC), a gantry-style high-speed, five-axis machining centre designed for machining large composite parts for the aerospace industry. The machine is equipped with a built-in hood for controlling dust and other particles produced by machining, and it comes equipped with a large pallet changer.

All the participating companies focus on advanced technology. By showcasing these machines, TAITRA and its members seemed to be making a statement emphasising high-end machine tools. Machines shown were automation-ready and capable of using multiple advanced machining strategies, aimed at machine shops manufacturing complex parts with precise tolerances.

This initiative is in line with TAITRA’s core missions:

  •  To assist Taiwanese businesses in developing international market;
  • To collaborate closely with the Taiwanese government in trade policy implementation;
  • To provide business consultation service and connect international firms with Taiwanese partners;
  • To assume the role of “Smart Integrator” – complement government policies, facilitate industry needs and develop new business opportunities around the world.

As reported by OpenGov Asia, TAITRA is eager to generate wider dialogue on future technology trends. Their COMPUTEX Forum will facilitate discussion on future technology trends for global information and communications technology (ICT) and the startup scene with a complete supply chain and IoT ecosystems.

Key technologies like 5G, Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart devices are finding broader and more comprehensive use across the nation. More recently, the discussion has been the adoptions of these technologies in the context of the post-pandemic era in Taiwan.

The evolution of Artificial Intelligence of things (AIoT), Machine Learning and  5G has opened up new application fields across various sectors. Enterprises are rapidly embracing cloud and IoT development has reached new heights. In this IoE era, organisations and companies are aggressively positioning themselves to exploit opportunities and advantages these technologies afford.

The forum will try to provide answers on what technology in the future will look like. Quantum computers and high-performance computing open up a new era of quantum and become the core role of data analysis; smart transportation is developing rapidly, and smart cities where self-driving cars can travel are already in place. AI-enabled solutions have seen exponential growth as they have linked crucial sectors like healthcare and transportation during COVID-19. This widespread adoption of AI tools increased awareness of cybersecurity, causing major companies to rethink this as a priority. The promising applications of intelligent transportation systems, autonomous vehicles and smart cities will also feature prominently.

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