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A*STAR and ST Engineering on smart city solutions

The Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) and ST Engineering are collaborating on an initiative for creating smart city solutions.

The two agencies have signed a memorandum of understanding as part of this long-term partnership. This partnership will focus on creating solutions in the four main areas of robotics, smart mobility, smart communications, and health tech.

Some of the technologies focused on each of the areas include:

  1. Robotics- advanced material-handling robots
  2. Smart mobility- all-weather autonomous vehicles
  3. Smart communications- satellite communications and Internet of Things
  4. Health tech- Intelligent workflows and analytics

The aim is for there to be technology co-development, adoption, and commercialisation.

In an earlier OpenGov article, the agreement between ST Engineering and Israel’s Ashdod Municipality to explore opportunities for the development of products and solutions for autonomous platforms and smart transportation was explored.

This agreement was focused on creating smart mobility in Ashdod. Some of the technologies discussed include Intelligent Transportation System for roads, fleet management system for buses, and the development and testing of autonomous buses.

ST Engineering has an extensive portfolio of experience in aerospace, electronics, land systems, and marine sectors. It boasts over 500 smart city projects in 70 cities. Hence, it is well able to assist in the transformation to smart cities through its suite of Smart Mobility solutions.

A*STAR will also be closely working with Surbana Jurong to develop these smart city solutions. It will be working on digital tools with a focus on commercialising it.

A*STAR and Surbana Jurong will work together on solutions for the digitalisation of urban planning, building design and simulation, and operations and maintenance services. Some of the solutions from this partnership include facilities testing and inspection technology for Surbana Jurong.

Small-and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) partners with Surbana Jurong and ST Engineering are also expected to benefit from this. Some of the benefits include Surbana Jurong employing technologies commercialised by A*STAR’s SME and start-up licensees for its products and services.

These partnerships will create new business opportunities in Singapore and in overseas markets for them all.

A*STAR’s Chief Executive Officer Frederick Chew said “A*STAR is committed to strengthening local enterprises such as ST Engineering, in particular, to expand its overseas markets through digital innovation and deep tech. A*STAR has had a close partnership with ST Engineering since the early 2000s – today’s MOU serves to bring our partnership to the next level. I am confident that this collaboration will create new opportunities within the local ecosystem in Singapore, and exciting opportunities for ST Engineering’s SME partners in overseas markets”.

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