AI and ML to Better Understand Earth Systems

Scientists and researchers held a workshop to discuss AI and ML deployment to increase the effectiveness of managing complex work in environmental science to predict the Earth’s systems better.

Indonesia to Develop Integrated Health Data System

The SATUSEHAT platform will replace physical medical records and become Indonesia’s interchangeable health data system for all the health facilities in the country, making it easier for patients to access treatment across the nation.

Thailand Proposes an Act to Deal with Online Crime

The proposed act is prescribed to prevent and suppress deception for people transferring money via telephone or electronic means which will assist in eliminating ghost sims, pony accounts and online crime.

Expanding Internet Connectivity in the Philippines

Digital development necessitates the provision and access to the internet for Geographically Isolated and Disadvantaged Areas, indigenous communities and other upland areas if the nation wants inclusive progress.

Artificial Intelligence for Early Detection of Lung Cancer

As one of the deadliest diseases in the world, lung cancer has encouraged researchers to find an early detection procedure with AI to provide treatment before it reaches advanced stages, with the possibility of better patient outcomes.

Streamlining Indonesia’s Digital Transformation

Indonesia government to minimise fragmentation in digital transformation efforts with the next SPBE and MPP implementation in an effort to offer the best possible citizen experience in an increasingly digital-first world.