Hong Kong’s top research institute wins at industry awards ceremony

The aim is to continue to develop cutting-edge technologies to enhance Hong Kong’s competitiveness in business and industries powered by industry-relevant smart applications via the use of Intelligent Manufacturing – one of the core initiatives in ASTRI’s R&D strategy.

Tech, legal, banking and engineering talent high in demand in Malaysia

A more competitive marketplace means a greater push for companies to embark on aggressive digital transformation initiatives to stay relevant and improve business processes. Thus, companies are expected to increase investment in new systems and talent development to create a greater presence online.

Partnership to explore how creative agencies can leverage automation

The first project will seek to find out if technology can be applied so that it elevates the creative process in business functions and processes. It will also guarantee that creativity is able to effectively adapt to the implementation of artificial intelligence and new technologies.

Has data reached a fever pitch?

In its second iteration, the United Nations World Data Forum brought together experts to discuss how data could be used to overcome challenges and also seize the opportunities in the lead up to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.