MDEC Kicks Off eRezeki Programme

MDEC has kicked off its eRezeki programme for 2022; it is a training and job placement programme that focuses on generating high-value income opportunities for gig workers.

New South Wales Unveils New Vision

NSW’s new strategy aims to foster investment in housing, growing and upskilling the health workforce, ensuring access to quality learning at every stage of life and improving transport and digital connectivity.

Smart Ticketing System Continues Rollout in Queensland

The rollout of Queensland’s Smart Ticketing System is doing well as the AU$ 371 million project continues to gather pace. The innovative technology enables more ways to pay for public transport across Queensland.

The Philippines Joins ARENA-PAC, Launches Chatbot “Revie”

The Philippines was chosen as one of the pilot countries to be connected to the Arterial Research and Educational Network in the Asia Pacific (ARENA-PAC); the country’s internal revenue announces the availability of the enhanced chatbot “Revie.”