New Zealand Starts Construction on SouthPAN Uplink Centre

SouthPAN will improve the accuracy and reliability of positioning services, enhancing search and rescue operations, precision farming, and safety on construction sites and is being built at a satellite ground station in Awarua.

New Zealand Releases First National EV Charging Strategy

The strategy aims to offer journey charging hubs every 150-200 kilometres on main highways, a public charger for every 20-40 EVs in urban areas, and public charging at community facilities for all settlements with 2,000 or more people.

New Zealand Plans to Advance Manufacturing Sector

The country has released Industry Transformation Plans to guide industries to transform by increasing innovation and productivity with advanced manufacturing designed to boost productivity and performance in vital economic sectors.

NSW’s Digital Solutions for Child Checks Take Lead

The NSW government is utilising technology to improve the renewal process for Working with Children Checks by piloting the use of photo verification to offer a new convenient and secure online government service.

Wellington, New Zealand Tests Public E-Bike Share Scheme

The e-bikes will have helmets and will be hireable, locked, and unlocked via apps as part of the transition to a low-carbon transport system. Two existing e-scooter providers will offer up to 150 e-bikes from early in the new year.