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Chinese College Students Display High-Quality Tech Products

College students from a Chinese public university displayed and demonstrated their tech products for representatives of participating enterprises to observe. These products are designed to solve the actual needs of everyday issues tackled by organisations.

One team developed an artificial intelligence (AI) low-speed driving safety alert system, a project aimed at the blind area of oversized engineering vehicles. The team said that cooperating with a company is different from researching on campus. Companies need to consider various factors such as cost control and output.

A robotic team produced a soft robot composed of bellows and directional fibrillary pads with a special mechanical design. Driven by air pumps, the robot can achieve high efficiency and fast crawling. It can navigate a wide variety of terrains such as slopes, sand, and narrow roads. In addition, the robot can survive from a strong impact due to its purely soft design. Another product is a prototype of an unmanned underwater robot ship developed. It is currently undergoing sea trials to solve the problem of intelligent cleaning of surface garbage, suspension in water, underwater settlement in rivers.

The comprehensive design project collected the results of 63 senior students, divided into 19 groups for defence and sample demonstration. The final results were based on project analysis, structural design, program writing, and functional testing. The results show the students’ learning, communication, teamwork, innovation, and creativity abilities. As of 2021, 133 students and 33 companies have completed 51 corporate projects.

This course replaces the traditional graduation design and focuses on the actual problems faced by enterprises through students’ self-selection of topics, team-building, cooperative research, and problem-solving. It aims to cultivate engineering leaders to solve practical problems and display teamwork spirit, engineering ethics, and an international vision.

Over the past three years, many participating companies have acknowledged the ingenuity of the students’ products, and more and more companies are willing to join the program. The exhibition attracted more than 40 business leaders and representatives from companies.

As reported by OpenGov Asia, China has been making great efforts in scientific and technological innovation due to profound changes in both domestic and international environments. More recently, China displayed several advanced technologies at a global Artificial Intelligence expo.

The technologies include natural language processing, computer vision, speech recognition and machine learning related to the artificial intelligence (AI) sector. A range of tech was on display, including AI hardware, AI core technologies, AI technology applications, 5G+AI intelligent products and AI innovations and achievements.

Shenzhen Artificial Intelligence Industry Association (SAIIA) released and compiled the White Book on the Development of Artificial Intelligence in 2021 and a research report on the nation’s growth enterprises in the AI sector. Also on display was the latest academic research achievements in the field of AI through in-depth research on the system, industry, technology and application of AI. The white book discusses the challenges in developing AI and predicts the future trends of AI development.

The research report features interviews with experts, scholars and enterprise executives in the AI field, as well as discussions on the latest progress, achievements and development trends of the industry. According to the white book, the number of AI enterprises in China ranks second in the world. By the end of 2020, there were 6,425 AI-related companies in China, with a year-on-year growth of 25.37%.

Science and technology development should keep up with leading global trends, it was felt. It needs to serve as the main engine of economic competition, the needs of the country, and benefit people’s health and livelihoods. These goals will be realised through the in-depth implementation of the strategies of rejuvenating the nation through science and education, cultivating talent, and promoting innovation-driven development. This will enable China to improve its innovation capabilities and speed up its transformation into a scientific and technological power.

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