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Driving Predictive Maintenance in a Connected World: IoT-Enabled Predictive Maintenance

Powered by sensors, connectivity and smart machines, the Internet of Things (IoT) is reshaping the manufacturing and industrial processes, effectively changing the paradigm from one of ‘repair and replace’ to more of ‘predict and prevent’. In an industrial scenario, unplanned equipment downtime can be extremely costly to business. Today, manufacturers and organizations in other asset heavy verticals cannot afford to wait till a machine or equipment breaks down in order to figure out what went wrong. On the other hand, enterprises also don’t want to spend costly time and resources doing unwanted maintenance to all of their equipment and machinery without really needing to do so.

Predictive Maintenance, in a nutshell, is all about figuring out when an asset should be maintained, and what specific maintenance activities need to be performed, based on an asset’s actual condition or state, rather than on a fixed schedule, so that you can maximize uptime and productivity. It is all about predicting & preventing failures and performing the right maintenance routines in order to reduce costly equipment downtimes.

So why is Predictive Maintenance gaining increasing importance today, especially among asset intensive verticals?


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