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Exploring Singapore’s Tech Journey

SGTech seeks to uncover the philosophy and ideas that shaped Singapore’s development in the digital forefront and the defining moments that led to the Singapore of today, with its drive to become a Smart Nation. Industry veterans spanning the private and government sectors and features several contributors bring to the table their intimate knowledge and reflections of the ICT industry.

For half a century, Singapore has made remarkable progress in technology since the early years when the first mainframe was installed in the Central Provident Fund (CPF) to automate the Board’s manual ledger accounting system. The Committee on National Computerisation was established, with the aim of training and educating the population to use computers and grow Singapore’s IT manpower pool. This constant emphasis on IT adoption and innovation has become a national narrative through the years.

Policymakers, entrepreneurs and top executives have driven and architected Singapore’s ICT industry in its formative years. Singapore needs to push the envelope of IT and reflects on how to kickstart Singapore’s IT journey as the chairman of the Committee on National Computerisation.

The last 45 years of Singapore’s tech journey comprises several areas: development and impact of several national IT projects like TradeNet and LawNet; businesses set up by Singapore entrepreneurs; profiles of businessmen and made-in-Singapore products and services; information highway development in the early years from Singapore One to fibre broadband; Internet, dotcom wave 1 and Web 2.0 companies, investors and public sector funders; and the buildup of talent and manpower. IT scene in Singapore developed as a result of community cooperation

SGTech is a premier trade association for the tech industry in Singapore. Within a rapidly evolving technology landscape, SGTech strives to create an ecosystem that anticipates trends and develops sustainable initiatives to strengthen the community and help the industry grow. SGTech has close to 1,000 members ranging from innovative start-ups, vibrant small and medium-sized enterprises to top multinational corporations that leverage technology as a core driver of their business.

SGTech works closely with various stakeholders to promote emerging technologies in areas such as Digital Media, Cloud Computing, Wireless, Security and Governance. SGTech also provides platforms to help members with opportunities to increase their market presence and business outreach. Smart Nation Chapter is supported by the Smart Nation and Digital Government Office (SNDGO).

Singapore has embraced technology as a crucial engine of the economy and society. The country’s infrastructure, as well as government digital services, are often recognised for their technological readiness. As Singapore continues to leverage new technologies to digitally transform government digital services, there are lessons to share and much to learn from other countries that have developed new ways of improving the online experience for citizens. We share some of the notable awards and significant milestones that Singapore has garnered over the years.

As reported by OpenGov Asia, Due to few natural resources, Singapore has to be creative to build its economy. Its use of innovative finance to rid the city of inadequate and unattractive housing and provide dignified public housing to the majority of its citizens has been hailed at many urban conferences as an example to other developing economies.

The Singapore government has never shied away from taking calculated risks in investing in the future. The nation has become one of the most developed and richest countries in the world by pursuing its smart nation strategy to protect its technology and growth prospects in the region.

Singapore needs to innovate and enhance its growth strategy to overcome our physical limitations and bring good jobs and opportunities to all Singaporeans. As part of Singapore’s roadmap to become a smart nation, the enhanced growth strategy for the digital economy will go hand-in-hand with the digital government strategies.

The Smart Nation plan encourages innovation and collaboration between citizens and companies to improve growth and the lives of people. Despite being heavily pushed and backed by the government, officials repeatedly emphasise that a smart nation is not built by the government, but by everyone – citizens, companies, and agencies.

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